A New Year, A New You


Tuesday 19th January 2016

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


An inspirational talk by Mark Kleanthous. Learn how “Running” this year can

  1. Make you happy
  2. Give you a new lease of life
  3. Stimulate your need for a healthy diet
  4. Clear your mind
  5. Improve your health
  6. Help you complete or compete better than you thought possible
  7. Get you back into a routine when life gets in the way 

As a runner, an ultra distance runner, a triathlete and a coach, Mark has spent his life inspiring people to be the best athletes they can be no matter what level they are starting from. If you are a beginner or an advanced athlete with years of experience Mark will be able to inspire you both from the technical aspects of nutrition and running technique to the psychological and motivational sides of training and racing.

This workshop will inspire you to start the New Year with a new determination.  

About Mark Kleanthous

Mark KleanthousMark Kleanthous' first memory of running was finishing last in a school boy cross country race & despite training more he was 3rd but last next time. This did not put him off running because he could see small improvements and he just kept on running. Ten years later he ran the first ever London marathon in 1981 and really got the bug for running. Since then he has gone onto run 75 marathons & more than 500 running events from the mile to a triple marathon. Mark's best position is 2nd in the Kingston marathon, 20 years after he started running.

Professional Performance Coach and Sports Nutrition Coach. He has competed in 1,050 competitions including 455+ Triathlon Finisher, 75 x Marathon Finisher, 34 x Iron Man Finisher, 2 x Double Iron Man, 1 X Triple Iron Man. Mark has covered more than 6,000 miles swimming 175,000 cycling & 51,000 miles running. Probably more triathlons than anyone else in the world!

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