London Marathon Prep

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London Marathon Prep


Tuesday 9th April

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


Expert panelists share tapering, race day, and recovery strategies

Whether you are preparing for your first marathon or aiming to improve your time, proper training and preparation are key. What specific questions or topics about running would you like to discuss with our running experts? Whether it's training techniques, injury prevention, nutrition, or anything else related to running, come and learn useful tips to help you run your best race.

Remember, marathon training is a journey that requires dedication, patience, and perseverance. Trust in your training, stay focused, and enjoy the experience as you work towards your marathon goal. Good luck!

Included in our line up of guest speakers:

  • Coach Ross Sutton: On Ambassador and Head Coach for On Running’s Run Club in London
  • Alice Sullivan: Marketplace Activator at Maurten 
  • Charlotte Ricca: Sport and Performance Psychologist 

Ross Sutton

Ross is an On ambassador and the Head Coach for On Running’s Run Club in London. Having been a coach for just over 4 years, Ross has worked within some of the biggest companies in the UK to help improve people’s health whilst building and influencing a variety of different run communities. 

Ross is currently a wellbeing consultant, PT & Running Coach. Ross has worked with individuals, premier league football teams, other leading sportswear brands, local governments and more in the world of personal training.

Ross specialises in Strength & Conditioning for runners to go alongside his run coaching, to support individuals to become the strongest they can be as they prepare for upcoming races and to make them a better all-round athlete. 

Alice Sullivan

I joined Maurten at the end of last year, bringing with me a background in sports science and endurance sports. I have always been involved in endurance sports since a young age initially within track & field but more recently in triathlon and road running. In 2015 Maurten found a way to make sports fuels very tolerable for the body even in high concentrations and using all natural ingredients. This has been so successful that every Abbot World Marathon Major winner since 2016 has been fuelled by us. Maurten follows a unique athlete first approach with science and research being at our core. I am looking forward to sharing how this hydrogel technology can help you improve your performance, as well answering all your fuelling questions.

Charlotte Ricca

As a sport psychologist my mission is to help people find the joy in what they do and overcome their barriers to success. Whatever success looks like for them.

I founded Kinda Brilliant because I want to help you reach your potential. And, more importantly, enjoy the process. You don’t have to be brilliant. Frankly, the pursuit of brilliance can be exhausting. But kinda brilliant? We can all achieve that, with a bit of help. Before starting my training as a sport psychologist, I worked as a journalist. During this time I was lucky enough to interview and work with Olympic athletes, sporting legends and business leaders.

Turns out, even the world’s greatest performers and business minds suffer from performance anxiety and imposter syndrome. But they have the necessary tools and techniques to overcome this.

In a bid to better understand these processes, I decided to head back to university and train as a sport psychologist. Three years later I have an MSc in Psychology, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and am currently training to become a fully qualified sport and exercise psychologist with the British Psychological Society.

I work with a range of athletes, business people and organisations, giving them the support and tools they need to overcome their barriers to being kinda brilliant.

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