Improve Your Technique & Form


Wednesday 15th March 2017

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Run and Become, 20 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4QW


Simple tips to help you be a better runner. Train smarter, not longer.

Whatever sport you do, improving your form, or the way you carry yourself, can lead to small – and in some cases huge – increases in performance. This applies whatever your standard – elite, improver or beginner.

Biomechanics and movement play such a big role in injury risk and improving performance. Spending a little time to understand your current form can really help to see little – and in some cases large – improvements.

Matt HollandMatt Holland is someone we have worked with at our Edinburgh store for several years now. He has the expertise to look at someone’s form, and recommend simple improvements. With regular practice, these lead to you being stronger, more efficient, and less likely to pick up the classic runner's overuse injuries.

His evening workshop will introduce you to some ideas that can help you improve your form. How a little less running and a little more work on technique can help you improve as a runner. It won’t change you in an hour or so, but can definitely give you some signposts to work from!

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