Biomechanics Unravelled


Monday 23rd November 2015

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Run and Become, 100 St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DX


Scott Corthine PodiatristMy aim is to apply the principles of mechanics to running, and walking and demystify "orthotics", "pronation" and the other bewildering terms that are used. I would like to produce a common sense model of how we move. Having experience as an athlete, surgeon, podiatrist and sport injury clinician I intend to bring it all together, focussing on the big areas that are important, and explaining why we should ignore the fads and buzz words. In this workshop I will also focus on the common running injuries, their causes and treatment, and highlight the conditions you cannot ignore.

Scott Corthine is a resident podiatrist at our in-store Sports Clinic. He has been working in sports and performing arts medicine for over 20 years. He is the only Podiatric Surgeon currently practising in Wales. Find out more »

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