Drop-in Physiotherapy Clinic
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Drop-in Physiotherapy Clinic


Second and fourth Friday of the month


Run and Become, 20 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh EH2 4QW


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Struggling with injuries? Get a FREE one-to-one with experienced physio Fiona Begg on the second and fourth Friday of the month. No reservation required, just turn up and Fiona will chat to each of you in turn.

Fionna Begg (MSc Advanced Physiotherapy Sport and Performance) is based at the Space Clinic in Dalry Road. The Space clinic team have years of assessing and treating sports injuries at all levels from International Athletes to recreational runners aiming for their next race. They have successfully treated many Run and Become customers over the years

The walk in clinic is available to offer advice on all running injuries and to work with the experienced Run and Become staff as necessary to offer advice on suitable footwear.

Please contact us before making a special trip to confirm Fiona will be here, and also to check the time as her appointment schedule can mean she needs to alter this occasionally. In some cases she may recommend a visit to the clinic for further or full diagnosis of certain injuries or problems.

Find out more about Fiona Begg at spaceclinics.co.uk.

Fiona Begg
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