Yoga for Sport, Edinburgh 10th February

On Wednesday 10th February we held another of our inspiration nights at the shop. The theme this time was Yoga for Sport. Due to space constriction and popular demand, Louise Imrie the yoga teacher and physio taking the class kindly agreed to hold two classes one after the other. Both were full.

It is very important to do some sort of strength work to balance out the muscles especially if you are doing a lot of running. Everyone knows the importance of stretching, but how many people actually stretch correctly or stretch enough?

Yoga, as I have found out over the past couple of months, is a brilliant way to cross train for runners. It helps one stretch out the muscles and also strengthens them.

Louise gently quizzed everyone who came, to find out any areas of injury or weakness that they might have. She then structured the class accordingly to suit everyone. Her yoga classes are specifically designed for runners and people doing other sports and are possibly slightly different from a general yoga class. The short routines she showed us flowed seamlessly from one pose to another. Sometimes she demonstrated what she wanted and sometimes she moved around the room, checking everyone and correcting as necessary. I found myself constantly working on my balance to try to keep my form as correct as possible.

You don’t need to buy any special clothes for the yoga classes you can carry on wearing your running clothing as it wicks the moisture away and you can move freely in it. A technical T-shirt and lycra shorts or capris. If you wanted to wear tights Nike Zen Epic Run Tights would be perfect.  Right at the end of a yoga class before the final ‘corpse’ or ‘Savasana’ pose put on a thermal long sleeved top so you don’t get cold.

Further information on ‘Yoga for Sport’ classes here »

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