Jae Gruenke, Running Form Instructor

07500 593 363

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner,
from The Balanced Runner of New York City


Jae Gruenke, Running Form InstructorJae is a running form expert who has worked with runners from beginner to Olympian to help them become relieve pain and improve their performance. She specializes in helping runners whose problems have persisted despite medical treatment.

Jae uses the Feldenkrais Method to help runners struggling with pain by taking a truly individualized approach to improving running form. Each session consists of a careful observation of how you are currently running, then a learning process structured to help you feel, step-by-step, how to reduce excessive tension and impact, use your joints properly, and find support, elasticity, and power. The learning format is low-stress, making it safe even for runners dealing with injury. Yet it is potent enough to impact runners performing at the highest levels.

If you are a competitive runner, working with Jae will help you reduce imbalances, increase your economy, and improve your technical control. If you're a beginning runner, you'll get a solid grasp of the fundamentals. Whatever your current level, you'll improve your performance and feel great.

Jae is certified by the Feldenkrais Guilds of North America and the United Kingdom.

Why Run and Become? Because the best running stores create community as well as selling shoes; they support, inform, and inspire. I know my clients will be well taken care of at Run and Become, that's why I always recommend them.
- Jae Gruenke
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