Newport Harriers


Training location: Newport Spytty Stadium


Caters for:

  • Road Running
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field

Set up for:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced Runners
  • Distance Runners
  • Speed Training
  • Junior to senior

Newport Harriers started out in September 1896 with 32 members and they kept on running and growing to this day. Click on 'history' on their website to read about their amazing development. Newport Harriers are affiliated to the Athletic Association of Wales. Newport Harriers are involved in promoting multi eventing for athletes.

We believe that young athletes in particular should try as many events as they can in competitions in their own age groups. To support this we operate the AAA 5 Star Award Scheme for the Younger age groups. Throughout the year the athlete's performances are recorded by their coaches and at the end of the season their best results are scored against the AAA 5 Star Scoring Tables and awards are made later in the year. The club also runs a multi-event based club championship each year. This encourages athletes of all age groups to take part in a fun event over two weeks on our normal training nights, where competitors take part in as many events as they want. To complete the Club Championship event they must do five events, which must consist of at least one track, one throw and one jump, these are then scored using the IAAF Points Scoring Tables. The ultimate test of an athlete's ability over 10 events are decathlon, heptathlon and pentathlon. Any athletes who really excel at multi eventing can go on to become a fully fledged Decathlete/ Heptathlete.

If you want to join in, just come along to the stadium and go to the Newport Harriers Club Room around half six and someone, either in the office or shop will point you in the right direction."

- Newport Harriers
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