Petra Kasperova

Accessories Buyer, London

What fuels my running? Nature, I love connecting to it on my runs! I won't go running without my... Polar Vantage M running watch. I like to know my heart rate and distance. I run and become... a clear-minded, relaxed person :) My best ever running experience... running on a sandy beach in Bali during sunset, while listening to the gentle sound of the ocean and staring at the horizon.

Best Running Socks for 2022

While the fit & feel of running socks comes down to personal preference, here are our top picks for warm, cool or wet weather.

Petra's Victory in the Sri Chinmoy 6-Day Race, 2018

Somehow the impossible became possible: I ended up winning the 6-day race ladies' with 370 miles.

Injinji Performance Running Toe Socks

For use with Vibram FiveFingers shoes, and for avoiding blisters between toes.

Barefoot Running: from Start to Marathon

Petra shares her personal experience of barefoot running.

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