Angela Speight

What fuels my running? The passion and competivness of racing. It brings me joy and achievement of getting personal bests. I won't go running without my... Garmin. I run and become... more alive and free, happy and healthy. My best ever running experience... Competing in the World and European Mountain running Championships. I represented Ireland, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Benefits of Fartlek Training

Fartlek training enables the body to adapt to various speeds, so as become faster over longer distance.

Running for Children: Benefits and Tips

Running has many benefits for a child’s physical, mental and personal development.

Running and IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not a particularly glamorous subject, but it's a fact of life for some runners.

Duathlon Advice and Tips for Beginners

Decided to embark on a new challenge, but wondering where to start your training?

Mind Over Matter for Runners

From motivation to pacing strategy to handling pre-race jitters and pain.

Orthotic Insoles for Running

An Orthotic is a custom-made insole used to prevent the feet from rolling too far inward.

Therapearl Hot & Cold Therapy

For anyone needing relief from aches and pains, or just to soothe stiff muscles.

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