Hoka Carbon X 2
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Hoka Carbon X 2


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Average Weight: Men's 239g / Women's 198g
Offset: 5mm
Stack Height: Men's: 32mm/27mm / Women's: 30mm/25mm

Wow! This is another level of running. As soon as you land you leave the ground. The shoe runs by itself and you’re just trying to catch up. Magic happens when Hoka gets friendly with carbon plate technology.

Women's Hoka One One Carbon X 2
£136.00 £160.00

Men's Hoka One One Carbon X 2
£136.00 £160.00



  • Engineered mesh upper for comfort, breathability and structure
  • Gusseted tongue prevents any unwanted movement inside the shoe
  • Anatomical Achilles construction


  • Early Meta Rocker provides the rocking movement for a propulsive stride from your midfoot to toe-off
  • Carbon-fibre plate for smooth propulsion forward
  • Removable sock liner designed from EVA


  • PROFLY cushioning for soft landing and absorption of shock
  • Wider forefoot platform provides support and stability
  • Outsole with rubberised EVA for lightweight ground contact


  • The new, updated version features a sleek and secure mesh upper – much nicer fit around your foot
  • High mileage carbon shoes – 350 miles! Usually Carbon shoes last about 100-150 miles.
  • Even lighter than the first version – the carbon plate is 1mm thinner
  • Softer and bouncier cushioning
  • The extended heel supports your foot strike and downhill sprint
  • Very, very, very responsive shoe!
  • Makes you faster INSTANTLY
  • Great shoe for variety of distances – from 5km to marathon. 


The stiffness provided by the carbon plate doesn’t necessarily co-operate with runners who don't have sufficient hip strength and foot-strike control. Be aware if you run slowly with a longer stride.

Women's Hoka Carbon X

In testing

I’ve run in responsive shoes before but this is a totally different game. The legendary carbon plate propels you through your stride and on to your toes to accelerate your speed. It’s like the shoes run by themselves! And you’re trying to catch up… 

I needed literally 5 seconds to fall in love with those shoes. I’ve been running in Hoka for years, so I am familiar with the amount of cushioning. But the Carbon X is much lighter and way more responsive than other Hoka models.

The newest version of this amazing shoe is even lighter than the first model – the carbon plate is 1mm thinner. The main change for me is a much nicer upper – in the mesh material and fit. It beautifully locks the arch and heel inside, still leaving enough space for the toes. The wider shape of the outsole provides great stability, which is crucial for such a stiff shoe. The 2 layers of super-soft and bouncy compressed EVA foam around the plate provide comfort for longer distance. That’s why even though it’s a carbon shoe – I love it for longer distances!

Hoka Carbon X is a perfect combination of cushioning and mileage: that’s why it’s a perfect choice for a longer distance runner. Other carbon plate shoes offer around 100-150 miles of wear. The Carbon X lasts for about 350 – that’s a heck of a difference! If you’re going for a longer run the amount of cushioning in the Asics Metaracer Tokyo, Brooks Hyperion Elite or any other carbon plate shoe might simply not be enough. And surely, they won’t last as long. 


So, there was a time before Hoka Carbon X 2 and the time after... but, seriously if you’re a neutral, distance runner going for speed look no further. Everything you need is here. As soon as you take your first steps you’ll know why. For £160 you’ve got carbon plate amazing shoes which will last you twice longer than the competition. Looove it. 

Men's Hoka One One Carbon X 2
£128.00 £160.00

Men's Hoka One One Carbon X 2
£128.00 £160.00

Men's Hoka One One Carbon X 2
£136.00 £160.00

Women's Hoka One One Carbon X 2
£136.00 £160.00

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