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Review: On Running Pants


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For runners who find running tights too tight, and baggy trousers too baggy.

Women's On Running Pants
Black £135.00

Men's On Running Pants
Black £135.00


  • Ideal choice for people who don't feel comfortable in tight bottoms, but find running trousers too baggy
  • The most comfortable pants I've worn in my life (ever!)
  • Great combination of 4-way stretch fabric and weather-resistant panels – good choice for winter running
  • Mesh panels at the knee caps give you full range of motion – I am sure you can even practise yoga in these pants!
  • Cool look
  • Zip pockets on the side for your running essentials
  • Clima-material regulates your body temperature while running, so you are not going to overheat in these pants


  • Let's be honest – price at the higher level – but trust me, they're worth every single penny.
  • On Running Pants
    On Running Pants


    On running pants are the very first in the running market that combine 4-way stretch fabric, water & wind resistant panels for weather protection and a looser (but not baggy!) fit.

    They are UV protected with moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry during and after your run. They have 3 pockets: 1 zip pocket on the side, 1 open pocket and 1 small one for keys, money, etc. High-viz elements will keep you safe after sunset.


    Because I am a very active person I wear ONLY very comfortable clothes. So for me most of the time it's a matter of choice between something “pretty and uncomfortable” and something “sporty-looking again, but practical”. And mostly I choose based on comfort. (So sorry high heels...!)

    Also my work itself is a combination of standing, walking, squatting, sitting, jumping, crawling (yeah, you never know...) etc, so for me having comfortable and less restrictive clothing is very important. With ON running pants it's just so much easier and more comfy!

    It's just unbelievable how extremely comfortable they are. Because they are not too tight I don't feel “exposed” too much, but they stretch in 4 directions, with all those panels to allow your body to move freely in them – but not baggy or floppy. 

    I've never tried something between tights and trousers before. And also, they just look really cool. So it doesn't matter if you need them for track or regular runs, and maybe more casual wear for walking around – they will be perfect for anything you want to do.


    MUST HAVE. Especially if you feel “too exposed” in tights, but baggy trousers are not tempting enough for you. In my opinion the most comfortable running pants on the market today.

    Men's On Running Pants
    Black £135.00

    Women's On Running Pants
    Black £135.00

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