Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie
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Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie


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Keep the colder weather at arm’s length with this comfortable, warm and bright thermal hoodie from Brooks, perfect for running and training in the winter months.

Men's Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie
Navy/Yellow £65.00

Women's Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie
Rosewood £65.00


  • Soft notched thermal inner fabric for moisture-wicking as well as warmth
  • Wrist pocket to store small items such as keys
  • Stowable hood to prevent bouncing 
  • Chin guard on zip to prevent chafing on chin and neck 
  • Thumb holes for extra warmth for your hands 
  • Antimicrobial material to reduce sweat smells 
  • Medium-weight for training with ease 
  • Neon pink strip on inside of collar for visibility 
Women's Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie
Women's Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie


  • Bright rosewood colour (in women's) for visibility  
  • Comfortable, cosy and stretchy 
  • Very soft fabric with fleecy thermal panels 
  • Long sleeves with thumb holes for extra warmth
  • Well-fitting on arms, hips waist and chest without being too tight
  • Odour-resistant 


  • The zip is neither a full zip nor a chest zip – opened all the way it finishes around the top of your ribs. Though this was useful for rapid cooling and does expose the neon pink stripe on the inside of the collar (in women's), when unzipped all the way the collar bounced a little while I ran, which I feel negates the point of the bounce-free stowable hood. 
  • I would have liked an extra, slightly bigger pocket on the side or back for storing a pair of gloves or hat especially as this is more of a winter garment.

In Testing

I always have my eye out for particularly warm garments for my winter training and running, and as it often takes me a while to warm up on especially cold days, I really appreciated the thermal notch panelling in this hoodie. It’s warm and cosy, whilst being medium weight and not too thick so I didn’t overheat. The stretchy material was perfect for my faster-paced training and the odour-resistant technology meant I was happy to take it on a second (and potentially a third!) run without the need to wash it. 

As a petite runner, being 5 ft 1, I often find long-sleeved tops too long and baggy. This hoodie fits extremely well; not too long on the sleeves, the length sits nicely on my hips and it doesn’t feel too fitted around the waist. If you desire to wear long layers underneath, I may recommend sizing up though as the fit leans towards the tighter end of the scale. 

As soon as I put it on, as well as feeling instantly warmer, my hands automatically tried to find some pockets on the waist. If I have one main criticism of this hoodie it would be the lack of pockets. Though there is a wrist pocket for small valuables, as this is more of a colder weather garment, a slightly bigger pocket for a hat or gloves would not go amiss. However, I do concede that this is easily rectifiable with a reliable pair of leggings or running belt. 


The Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie is perfect for all aspects of your running life; warm enough for pre-training warm ups and post-exercise cooling, suitably light weight for during your runs, and super comfortable if you are looking for a nice cosy layer.  Overall, I love the fit, colour, warmth and weight of this hoodie and you will probably find me in it for the foreseeable future. Happy running!

Caitlin is wearing size XS
Photos by Ryan Hole @ryanholecamera

Women's Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie
Rosewood £65.00

Men's Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie
Navy/Yellow £65.00

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