Brooks Drive Interlace C/D Bra

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Brooks Drive Interlace C/D Bra


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A supportive and comfortable compression bra that avoids the uni-boob look.

Women's Brooks Drive Interlace Bra

Women's Brooks Drive Interlace Bra
£40.00 £32.00


Brooks' run-ready compression support used in this bra reduces motion of the breasts by bringing the center of gravity inwards a bit. It does not feel constrictive at all, you are aware of the compression but it’s subtle.

The quick-drying DriLayer fabric really does live up to its name. Along with bonded seams this offers great smoothness and comfort.

Brooks Drive Interlace C/D Bra
Brooks Drive Interlace C/D Bra


  • Soft fabric – particularly the straps, which never dig in
  • Good support for running, thanks to the compression element
  • Fits true to size: I’m a 32C and I took a 32C/D
  • Lightweight and fast drying
  • Very breathable
  • Adjustable straps for shoulder height
  • 3 fastening options for the perfect tension around your ribs
  • Flattering and no uni-boob problems that often come from compression bras


  • Not as supportive for the upward bounce as running bras with a higher cut like Dare Scoopback or Drive Underwire.
  • I don’t think it would offer enough support for runners who are DD upwards in cup size.

In Testing

I haven’t worn a compression sports bra in a few years, having used the Dare Scoopback since it was released. So on the first run I felt supported but had to adjust to the compression element – not uncomfortable at all, just a little different. Since then I’ve been very happy with this bra, it feels great on; supportive but not invasive.

I love the design of the straps that offer me great support without digging into my shallow shoulders. The material feels cool against my skin, which is a bonus. I have noticed that I get a bit more of an upward bounce because of the slight V-neck design. That said, the compression works well so the extra bounce is very slight.


I will probably stick with Drive Underwire for long runs as it is ultra supportive, but I love this for short-to-medium range runs, and for exercise classes or gym work.

Make sure you get the tension right in the straps and rib-cage fastening – when you pull the fabric away from your body you shouldn’t be able to pull further than 4 to 5cm.

Women's Brooks Drive Interlace Bra

Women's Brooks Drive Interlace Bra
£40.00 £32.00

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