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Altra Timp 3


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Average Weight: Men's 311g / Women's 253g
Heel-to-toe drop: Zero
Stack height: 29mm

Well-cushioned zero-drop running shoes for muddy or hard-packed trails. FootShape toe box allows your toes to spread in comfort and helps keep feet stable. Suitable for running or hiking. Upgrade of the Altra Lone Peak 4 and 4.5.

Men's Altra Timp 3
£99.00 £135.00

Women's Altra Timp 3
£99.00 £135.00


Upper: Includes Altra’s trademark wide FootShape™ toe box that allows the toes to spread out naturally. The engineered mesh upper has additional TPU overlays in the mid foot which gives a nice snug fit and has a reinforced toe box for added protection on the trails. Altra’s gaiter traps come as standard for easy adding of gaiters.

Midsole: Features Altra's premium Quantic midsole, which combines the softness of their Altra EGO midsole, yet slightly lighter. These qualities of lightness and softness have been made to provide plush-feeling cushioning while keeping your feet comfortable and absorbing impact.

Outsole: Altra’s MaxTrac outsole rubber with its multi-directional lug pattern gives outstanding traction. The square-shaped lugs of previous Timps have been upgraded with new arrow shapes at the forefoot for great uphill traction, and well-spaced longitudinal bars at the heel to aid descending. The sticky-type rubber helps negotiate technical and wet terrain. Three metatarsal flex grooves under the forefoot give excellent flexibility towards toe-off and the seemingly slightly more pronounced curve at the forefoot toe area should enhance this too.

Altra Timp 3
Men's Altra Timp 3


  • It is built on a zero-drop level platform to encourage a balanced natural gait cycle.
  • With a 29 mm drop, one of Altra’s best, cushioned shoes.
  • Ideal for going long on the trails.
  • Wide high-volume forefoot, yet snug mid-foot and ankle fit.
  • The improved overlays in the upper should make for a much more durability. While still maintaining breathability for great moisture management.
  • Sticky Maxtrac rubber gives excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.


  • Outsole lugs are fine on most surfaces but not deep enough for really wet and muddy terrain.
  • Some would contend that the slightly more pronounced curve at the toe is going away from Altra's 100% zero-drop platform. The counterpoint to that is all brands evolve! Altra’s evolution towards what they now call “balanced running” would fit in with this trend with the slight curve allowing a more natural and balanced toe-off. It is still a refreshingly long way from the pronounced “rocker design” of other brands, allowing individual runners to have different approaches.  

In Testing

Without wishing to state the obvious, this is a great trail shoe option, perfect for anyone needing cushioning, and more cushioning, complimented by adequate grip. It is versatile to run on a variety of surfaces and with Run and Become’s usual caveat that “there is no perfect shoe for every surface, and sometimes a slight compromise has to be made”, the Timp certainly seems adaptable to all but the muddiest terrain. 

This shoe is great on hard-packed trails, grassy slopes, rocky paths and mildly muddy terrain. Fine for a mile or two of tarmac before you reach the trails too. As with its sister shoe the Lone Peak, it can struggle a little in muddier terrain.


The Altra Timp 3 is in essence the big brother and sister of the classic Lone Peak model. The main difference is a whacking extra 4mm of cushioning under your feet. If you have loved the Lone Peak but feel when you “go long”, you could benefit from some more cushioning, then the Timp would be ideal.

Going long of course, is all relative to your own aspirations, which vary for all of us. Long for some people is going from 10 to 15 miles and for others going up to 100 miles! This shoe is also a great option if you want to transition to a low-drop but don’t want to sacrifice cushioning. It goes without saying too if you have the build of a 2nd row forward or are just carrying a bit of extra weight, but still love a low-drop shoe, this could be ideal!

Women's Altra Timp 3
£99.00 £135.00

Men's Altra Timp 3
£99.00 £135.00

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