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SaltStick FastChews


Running Energy Chews


Easy to use energy chews, for quick and simple hydration. Great for long distance running, to maintain your electrolyte levels.

SaltStick Fastchews Tub

SaltStick 30 Capsule Tub


While running long distances, it's hard to stay hydrated, especially when you don’t have any water! These energy chews are packed with electrolytes to help boost stamina and stay hydrated, without having to drink excessive amounts of water.

The flavours are tasty and fresh, such as tart orange to zesty lemon-lime. There are various pack sizes, depending on the amount you want. You’re able to grab an easy 10-tablet re-sealable bag for on the go or a 60-tablet tub to keep yourself topped up.

There are no artificial flavours or sweeteners, and they are also gluten-free and vegetarian! One serving consists of two tablets, and an adult can take up to 50 tablets per day in extreme conditions.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reduces muscle cramping and heat stress
  • Absorption is faster compared with electrolyte capsules


  • You need to be okay with salt!
  • Might need to be washed down with water
SaltStick FastChews

In Testing

I find it easy to consume the energy chews while running, as well as them being easy on the stomach. I found that I needed to get used to the tablet due to the texture, but by the second time I was use to the taste.

The SaltStick works better for me compared to hydration tablets, because I can’t consume much water while running. I can feel the instant effects of the electrolytes and it’s the only thing that stops my body cramping while running.


Perfect! Great taste and easy to use. Will always be my go-to for longer distance runs to keep me hydrated.

SaltStick Fastchews Tub

SaltStick Fastchews

SaltStick 30 Capsule Tub

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