Skins Compression Running Clothing

Skins or No Skins?

I was doing my running gear inventory the other day and as I rumbled through the pile, what do I see? My Skins! They were my good recovery partner for many, many years. Having spent the last year in warmer locations, I traded them for the sea. There's nothing like jumping into the cold water after the run!

Now back in Europe, I wondered when will I use them again, do they really work and is there a research that proves they really work?

Every compression clothing company claims their compression garments enhance performance, reduce the fatigue through faster flow of oxygen to the muscles during training, reduce the shock to the muscles by compressing them, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and speed up recovery by lowering the lactic acid build-up. (There is a detailed explanation of benefits of compression gear here under the product description).

Although there is not one single research that can unequivocally say that these facts are due to the clothing, they're widely used in professional sport and rapidly spreading amongst the rest of us.

Me personally, I like compression clothing. Rather than in training, I prefer it for recovery.

Skins Compression Running Clothing

Which Skins Products to Use?

Skins Compression Calf Guards when transitioning to barefoot running for recovery of those rock-hard calves. I love to use the tights after long bike rides. To be honest biking is the only sport I might wear them 'during' too.

In my super active years, when work didn't allow me to recover, some days my muscles were too exhausted to even walk, and wearing the tights to work made the days go by, easier and lighter on legs. And after work I was out there again running.

I also wore Skins in the recovery after my bike accident and I felt more aligned, it felt like the weaker muscles of the injured leg were holding the damaged knee more in place.

Was all this in my head or did it really work, I do not know. What I know is, when I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll, and I don't want the tiredness of the body to stop me, and Skins give me the right feel and comfort.

I find, along with a good stretching session after action, they help me face the next day fresh and strong.

I asked my friends what they think of them, and the answers were varied. Some swear by them, others think they 'look funny'. Our bodies are all so different, needing different care; what works for one, might not for the other. But in my opinion compression clothing is definitely worth to try.

It's also the perfect piece of apparel to give as a present, because every runner has read or heard about Skins at some point and if they haven't tried them yet, they're still wondering if their results could be improved by wearing them.

I like Skins because they come in different compression strengths and fits, accommodating the varied body shapes and leg lengths. And they cater for kids too.

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