Rocktape, Running Support Tape

Category: Running Injury Care & Massage
Recommended for: Support for injury prevention and recovery, in running or any sporting activity

Rocktape is one of the products which I train with and get most satisfaction from. I hope this review can benefit anyone who is keen on sport, exercise and training and wants to know its advantages. Personally I'm thinking kinesiology taping is a revolution! Rocktape have produced a specialist sports tape specific in contributing effective support to muscles, without having to minimise or reduce the range of movement.

I can't actually think of any sport where you would be able to get away with having insufficient movement. Rocktape allows you to be comfortable and perform at your very maximum without any restriction throughout range of movement. Less is definitely more. Many products are now being produced to replicate what others initially did, but are designed to be as lightweight and minimal as possible. With the correct application Rocktape will allow a comfortable support without the added bulk.

So having worn the tape in my work and sporting environment, people inevitably questioned me, having seen athletes wearing it... Does it work? What does it do? What is that, Gem? It does work! Well for me and the feedback I have received from teammates and customers has all been positive.

The tape is made from 100% organic elasticated cotton which is designed to be stuck directly onto the skin. The ends of the tape act as anchors, providing the mid-part of the tape to lift and move the skin off the muscles. This process will allow for improved blood flow to that particular area. Rocktape is also recommended to aid and promote recovery. DOMS, muscle stiffness and cramp are all normal results of intense training, so using Rocktape will reduce discomfort significantly.

Rocktape is easily applied to most body parts, with an adhesive underside which lasts for up to 7 days. However, I do prefer to change the taping application every 3-4 days, as you get a much fresher feeling of support.

Applying the tape is relatively straightforward, unless you have an injury to the shoulders or back - get someone to help you with that! Most of the applications are fairly simple and you will find 2-4 strips of tape more than enough, you can always have a look at Youtube videos, there are plenty relating to taping, is the official web page so plenty of info there.

The box of tape will cover around 10-12 applications. It comes with a step-by-step guide on applying the tape, so once you've used it a couple of times you become accustomed to applying it. I've definitely found it an added comfort physically, for instance I taped my shin recently, and immediately felt less pressure and tension. I promise you it does work!

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