Best Energy Gels for Running

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Best Energy Gels for Running

Are you increasing your training intensity or distance, and want to see what the sports nutrition world has to offer? Are you overwhelmed by the large selection of choices? It can be challenging when trying to find the right form of nourishment that does not upset the stomach and has a pleasant taste.

Running nutrition is largely down to personal preference, but here are some top gels worth trying from 3 popular brands: Maurten, High 5 and SIS. We always recommend trying out new gels and supplements way before upcoming events to ensure that it is best suited to your needs.

One of the fundamentals for longer distance running is energy gels, to ensure that your body is not lacking in carbohydrates. Providing your body with carbohydrates during training enhances your performance and slows up fatigue, as well as giving a quicker recovery time. 

Not sure which one to choose? We’ve selected 3 energy gel brands that have nice flavours, are easy to digest and will help keep your energy up when you are deep into your run.

Maurten GelsHigh 5 GelsSIS Go Gels

Maurten Energy Gels

Maurten Gels

This gel is a concentrated carbohydrate solution, which consists of a unique blend of glucose and fructose. It's the world's first energy gel developed using hydrogel technology. It's built with six natural ingredients (7 natural ingredients in the CAF 100 version), and no colourants or preservatives.

  • The natural sweet flavour and light, simple consistency allow the gel to be easily digested
  • It does not leave a grimy aftertaste and you do not need to have it with water
  • These are very handy to have throughout sessions, and can be used before, during and/or after activity
  • The cost is a little higher than most gels but it is definitely worth the buy!

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Maurten Gel 100

Maurten Gel 100 Box

Maurten Gel 100 Caf 100

Maurten Gel 100 Caf 100 box

High 5 Running Energy Gels

High 5 Gels

These are flavoured with natural fruit juices, so they have a sweet, refreshing taste. The smooth consistency does not allow the gel to stick in the mouth. Providing an instant energy boost during a longer run or exercise, these good-value gels really do the trick!

  • A large variety of rich natural flavours
  • Take up to 3 sachets per hour, depending on your session
  • The regular gels are best with a bit of water to aid digestion
  • The Aqua version has a higher water content, so you don't need to drink with it
  • Caffeine versions available in both types

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High 5 Energy Gel

Also available in other flavours

High 5 Energy Gel Aqua

High 5 Energy Gel + Caffeine

High 5 Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine

SIS Running Energy Gels

SIS Go Gels

This unique isotonic gel is designed to give you energy without the need to drink water. It is diluted to a perfect consistency for rapid and simple absorption, while decreasing the risk of bloating from drinking too much.

You can take up to 3 gels per hour as each pack contains 22g of carbohydrates – just enough to sustain your energy levels during a session.

  • Also available with Caffeine and Electrolytes
  • Isotonic gel – no need to take with water 
  • Choice of fruit flavours
  • Suitable for vegans

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SIS Go + Caffeine Gel

SIS GO Isotonic 7 Gel Variety Pack

These gels do the trick for me – giving me benefits in many ways. From the Maurten gel being so easy to consume to the High 5 Gel giving me a flavour boost as well as the SIS Gel not making me feel bloated, I feel much better during my sessions and do not plan on switching gels anytime soon. Which gels are you fond of? Or do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments. Thank you and happy running!

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