Louisa Stewart

What fuels my running? Motivation to race well and maintain my health and fitness. I won't go running without my... Garmin 210 watch. I record my distance and like to know the pace I am running at. I run and become... fitter and stronger. My best ever running experience... Altitude training in Font Romeu. Running at altitude was so different to sea level training.

How to Start Cross Country Running

Pick up some quick tips to help you prepare for your cross country training and races.

Podiatry and Physiotherapy: What's the Difference?

When faced with an injury it is important that you receive the correct treatment.

Altitude Running: An Introduction

Used by competitive athletes as a way of improving their potential and athletic ability.

How to Stay Motivated as a Teenage Runner

Many young runners struggle to keep motivated for their sport with new life distractions.

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