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Zone3 Lava Long Distance Trisuit


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Hands down, 100% perfect trisuit, especially if you’re going for a long-distance triathlon.

Women's Zone3 Lava Long Distance Tri Suit
£195.00 £130.00


To include all the fantastic benefits of this trisuit I’d need at least 10,000 words, so let me stick to the most important ones.

  • First of all – material. A combination of innovative stripped material AERO-STRIPE sourced in Italy and French woven fabric AEROFORCE SOFT-TOUCH, provides both highly improved aerodynamics and comfort for the long distance.
  • No more compromise, yes you can have it all. NANO WATER-REPELLENT COATING improves your swim time, plus keeps you dryer and warmer.
  • BALANCED COMPRESSION provides a fantastic hug and support for your legs, increasing blood flow, reducing injury risk and improving endurance and stamina.
  • INTEGRATED LEG GRIPPERS eliminate sliding up and rolling up the fabric, without adding the extra seam. No seams = no chafing.
  • Specifically designed by Cytech IRON PERFORMANCE PAD (different designs for men's and women's versions!), gives more padding and comfort, yet is highly breathable and unnoticeable during swimming and running. 
Zone3 Lava Trisuit
Zone3 Lava Trisuit


  • The most comfortable and stretchy, yet supportive and aerodynamic fabric I’ve ever had on my body – fits like a second skin, you can barely feel it on!
  • Super breathable fabric, with 50+ UPF protection
  • No chafing or digging in, thanks to the flat-locked stitching and heat bonding 
  • Comfortable swim, comfortable ride, comfortable run – no compromises
  • Dries very fast – soon after I started my ride most of the fabric was dry already
  • Easy to access nutrition pockets at the back 
  • Stylish, sleek look – let’s tackle an Ironman with class, right? ;)


  • Price on the high-ish end, but please… this technological miracle is worth every penny. You might wonder, “why should I spend £190 on a trisuit?!” As soon as you put it on, you're going to know why.
Zone3 Lava Trisuit

In Testing

I cannot say that I’m the Triathlon Queen (yet), however I've had a chance to test some tri/cycling gear before. It’s always been a compromise for me: to choose between comfort for cycling or comfort running, or between comfort and performance. That's until I finally had a chance to wear Zone3's Lava Trisuit. This is a total game changer. 

From the very beginning, once you put it on it becomes your second skin: perfect shape, soft fabric hugging your body, but supportive at the same time. The sleek design looks fabulous and techy. I considered other – slightly less expensive – options, but once I put the Lava on, I was like, “Take my money, I’m not going to EVER take it off.” I was sold. 

And now, performance. That’s the best part. You'll notice a striped material on the arms and upper back. So, it’s striped for a reason! This highly innovative material creates turbulence between the canals of the fabric, improving aerodynamics and your speed on the bike! How cool is that? 

The other element I love is the leg grippers and heat-bonded sleeves. I hate it when material rolls up during my race, rubbing or digging. I don’t want to bother with it, stop and adjust the fabric when I’m racing. With this trisuit all the edges, sleeves and legs stay in place. When you think of the number of different movements you do during a triathlon it seems impossible that fabric doesn’t move around or roll up. The Lava makes it possible!

After the swim the fabric dries really fast. After just 20 min cycling most of the trisuit was dry already. And the comfort of the ride is unbelievable. It’s tricky to find the right cycling shorts, not to mention tri bottoms with the right shape and amount of padding – thick enough for a longer ride, yet thin and breathable enough to also run in. This Lava Trisuit features the ‘Iron Performance Pad’, specifically designed in Italy to provide both comfort and elasticity.

And now, the running part! You don’t even notice the Lava suit on your body. The half zip allows for extra air. However, the fabric is already super breathable, stretchy, and with 50+ UPF protection. You’re not going to overheat in it. I was afraid of chafing, because I forgot to use Bodyglide (OK, I didn’t forget, I just didn’t want to waste those precious 10 seconds to apply it), but nothing dodgy happened. You don’t feel the pad when you run and the material stays on your skin perfectly: no chafing, no digging, no rubbing… seriously, you can barely feel it on your body.

Little pockets at the back fit your gels. I like the light compression around your thighs and glutes. It’s not too strong but gives a nice support. Love it!


Hands down, this trisuit is a true masterpiece. I’m at the beginning of my triathlon journey – building my distance from Sprint & Olympic, reaching for the Ironman next year – and I am so glad I indulged in this option. When I race, I want to be focused on performance, so I need gear I can fully trust. The Zone3 Lava Trisuit looks great, feels great and allows for great performance. Next stop: Ironman, bring it on baby, I’m ready! 

Women's Zone3 Lava Long Distance Tri Suit
£195.00 £130.00

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