Women's On Active Flow Tee

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Women's On Active Flow Tee


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A natural-feeling fabric on a sports tee that’s as flattering as it is eco-conscious. Great for summer running.


The composition of this running tee is 64% Lyocell (Tencel) which makes it stand out in the running tops market where polyester (the other 36%) is still King. So if you’re after a more eco-conscious choice in a summer running T-shirt this is a good option.

Lightweight and breathable, as you’d expect from a sports tee.

The boat neck provides a nice, flattering touch, and the cut is relaxed but true to size.

Women's On Active Flow Tee
Women's On Active Flow Tee


  • Eco-conscious element thanks to the 64% Tencel fabric
  • Few seams and breezy thanks to the relaxed cut
  • Fits true to size – I’m 5’8”, size 10 and generally a Medium and that’s the size I took
  • Lightweight and fast drying
  • Natural feel to the fabric, no polyester-shine in sight!
  • Fun summer colour that’s flattering on all skin tones


  • I’m struggling to think of a con

In Testing

I have found this top to be great at moisture management. It is light, airy thanks to the boxy fit, yet flattering with the boat neck. I have to admit I’m using it half for sports and half with jeans on warm days!

The material almost has a linen feel to it, which I really love. 


I keep reaching for this running tee because it’s a bit different from the others in my drawer and I really love the feel. It provides the moisture management, breathability and comfort that I expect from my running gear whilst putting a smile on my face and making me feel good. 

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