Saucony Ride ISO, Neutral Road Running Shoes

Saucony Ride ISO White NoiseSaucony Ride ISO White Noise

Category: Neutral Road Running Shoes
Weight: Men’s 275g / Women’s 241g
Stack Heights: 27/19mm (Offset 8mm)
Summary: A cushioned and responsive road running shoe, suitable for runners with a fairly neutral foot strike. Ideal for mid to long distance on roads, parks and towpaths. Replaces Ride 10.


Saucony Ride ISO White NoiseUpper: Engineered mesh upper with ISOFIT (new to the Ride) and FORMFIT systems to provide a personalised fit.

Midsole: PWRFOAM material with top layer of Everun for a combination of impact cushioning and energy return.

Outersole: TriFlex outersole with repeating flex grooves through the forefoot for full flexibility and a smooth ride. IBR+ rubber outersole for lightweight and durable protection.


Saucony Ride ISO White Noise

  • Excellent cushioning with responsiveness so you don’t sink but spring
  • Very smooth ride thanks to the flexibility 
  • New ISOFIT gives a great hold through the arch and midfoot
  • Good toe box depth and width; will accommodate many more feet than Ride 9 & 10 which came up shallow/narrow


  • Toe box could feel too roomy to those who found the Ride 9 and 10 an ideal fit
  • The ISOFIT may make the arch feel more pronounced for a minority of people

On Test

Saucony Ride ISO White NoiseThese felt worn-in on the first run; the smoothness of the transition from landing to toe off is really perfect. I don’t like an overly cushioned shoe, so I was concerned they might be getting too soft for me. However, although they are undoubtedly soft, the combination of cushion materials gives a good return of energy.

On slower runs I feel the benefit of the cushioning, for tempo runs I get the spring that I’m looking for. The fit of the uppers is a huge improvement on Ride 10; Saucony has listened to feedback and the toe box is deeper again, so your toes have freedom and don’t feel trapped over the course of a long session.

Then you have the Isofit through the midfoot, ensuring a good hold, this adjusts to the width of your feet through the lacing, so narrow or wide this shoe should fit you. The Isofit also gives a neater fit under the foot and arch, which worked really well for me; it also makes the shoe a bit more stable.


Saucony Ride ISO White NoiseAs well cushioned as its predecessor but with a much-improved upper. It is a little more naturally stable than Ride 10, which means it should work for those who don’t need an anti-pronation shoe but do need a bit of guidance through the stride. As a long-time Saucony wearer and having worn every version of Ride in the last 5+ years I reckon this is the best model yet.

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