On Cloudrunner, Support Road Running Shoes

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On Cloudrunner, Support Road Running Shoes


Support Road Running Shoes


Average Weight: Men's 300g / Women's 250g
Offset: 9mm

A great road running shoe for those looking for the perfect blend of cushioned comfort and responsiveness, whilst supporting the foot to encourage a balanced gait. Made from 30% recycled materials.

Men's On Cloudrunner

Women's On Cloudrunner



  • The cradle-shape construction is worked into both the upper and midsole, sinking your foot into the shoe and thus encouraging a more neutral footstrike. The cradling goes from the outer heel to inner – so it cradles widthwise, not lengthwise. The engineered mesh is made from 90% recycled polyester, zoned to support your foot and help prevent over-pronation.


  • The new Zero-Gravity foam blended with the CloudTech cushioning system provides a level of protective, lightweight cushioning. This takes On shoes in a new direction – cushioning that will sustain you through long runs, but without sacrificing that connection with the ground and the ability to ramp it up when you’re in the mood for speed. The wide Speedboard provides that feeling of agility.
  • The midsole cuts away less at the arch, which naturally adds to the support the shoe offers you through your stride. In addition, the clouds are smaller with more cushioning material packed around them, which increases protection against over-pronation, plus extra cushioning.


  • A hard-wearing rubber compound is used on the heel and toe-off areas, where we put the most pressure as we run.
On Cloudrunner
On Cloudrunner


  • For the amount of cushioning provided this is fairly light.
  • Holds your ankles really well and thereby supports your gait
  • Ideal for anyone who wants cushioning but doesn’t like a shoe that’s too spongy
  • Feels responsive so it adjusts to you no matter what pace you’re training at
  • Good protection for up to long distance
  • Also very comfortable to use as a walking shoe


  • Those with a wider foot may need to go up half a size

In Testing

My previous shoe was the Saucony Triumph which is extremely well cushioned, so I was curious to see if this would feel less cushioned when I was tired / on long runs. I’m glad to report that on every run I’ve felt supported and protected.

I like the responsiveness of the shoe; it moves so well with my stride that although it’s not as plushly cushioned as the Triumph, I don’t notice. If a shoe moves well with you the impact-shock is dispersed better through your stride.

I also like the mild support – my foot feels nicely held, especially at the heel, and I can feel the subtle influence through my stride to keep me in a neutral gait.


This feels more cushioned than my old CloudFlyers and represents a slightly new direction for On. This shoe is going to suit a large demographic of runners. Really good cushioning and a smooth transition from landing to toe-off means you are well supported and protected. Can be used for long, slow runs and faster tempo runs with equal success.

Men's On Cloudrunner

Women's On Cloudrunner

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