Skins A400 Long Compression Tights

Category: Compression Running Clothing
Recommended for: runners looking for comfortable compression legwear that improves your performance by increasing the blood circulation and providing muscle-wrapping support.


  • A soft light fabric that fits the shape of the body naturally.
  • Dynamic gradient compression results in targeted compression where your legs would need it most, and different levels of compression at different parts of the leg.
  • The compression during exercise stimulates the blood flow to the muscles, which can result in an improvement in performance and to help prevent injury and muscle fatigue.
  • The compression technology aids recovery after strenuous exercise.
  • The tights are extremely breathable with wicking technology.
  • Small pocket on the inside of the waistband to slip some objects in for safe keeping.


  • The black colour of these tights is not the best for running in the dark, but there is a reflective option which would be suitable if you tend to run in the evening.
  • These tights are skin fitting and will therefore be too tight for some people to wear alone, but they also work under a long top or with shorts over the top.
  • They are made from a lightweight material which means that they can be a little cold when worn in the winter when you first put them on, but once you start exercising they are then not as cold.
  • The pocket on the inside of the waistband does not have a zip.

Fit and Feel

You have to check the sizing chart on the label of the tights, as it is important to get the right size for the compression to be effective.

Extremely comfortable and made from a lightweight material that is soft to touch. I could feel the effect of the compression technology straight away when I put them on. The cut and seamed detail makes them comfortable to wear, and the close to skin contact of the material makes it feel as if you aren't wearing anything on your legs.

The material still stretches, which is good for myself as I often find it hard to find clothes that fit my hips and legs. The light material that these tights are made from means that they can adapt to any weather so they are an all year round tight.

The length of the tights would also be appropriate for taller women as they are made to accommodate any leg length. Since wearing them for running, I can say that I wouldn't run in any other legging again.


  • Quick drying after exercise and washing.
  • Handy pocket in the back of the tights to place things for safe-keeping while exercising.
  • Gradient compression technology to ensure that you get compression where you need it most during exercise.
  • Close-to-skin material, which means you can put them under anything and at any time.


The best legwear I have tried, as they actually help to improve my running and contribute to ensuring I don't get muscle fatigue as quickly. They are suitable for any time of year, which means I won't have to find another tight to wear in the summer.

There are also half tights and calf tights which would be useful for the rare times the weather gets too warm, but if I still want the benefit of compression when I run. And if you need a little bit of reflectivity, Skins also have a version of this tight to ensure you are seen in the dark.

I couldn't recommend these tights enough and would say that for runners, you will see a difference in your running performance and you should notice that you are less likely to get any injuries. All in all I would say that when I used these tights I noticed my running became easier, which then means I enjoy my running more and don't worry about getting injured.

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