Tune Belt Running Armbands for Phones

Tune Belt Running Armbands for Phones Tune Belt Running Armbands for Phones Tune Belt Running Armbands for Phones

Category: Running Arm Wallets
Recommended for: wearing during runs for those who like to run with music or use running apps on their mobile phones.


  • Super comfortable and stays secure
  • Stores earphone cord
  • Reflective logo
  • Washable
  • Various protective window sizes for different phones


  • A small zip somewhere would have been handy


ffion-tunebelt-1This useful Tune Belt Sport Armband is made of durable neoprene which stabilises the device and stays secure without feeling too tight. The clear protective window cover provides full navigation to the phone and has various sizes for different phones from iPhones to Androids.

The adjustable strap provides 9" to 17" fit around the arm and for larger sizes the EX3 Armband Extender (not included with the product) can be used.

Unlike many sport arm wallets it has an extra Velcro component to securely store your headphone cord and the logo is reflective which is always handy when it starts to get dark!

This product is washable as well as light and convenient whilst you run, workout or listen on the go.

I would like to have seen a small pocket somewhere on the armband to place a small item such as a key but again might have taken away some of the comfort and lightness of the product.


Overall I really like the product and would certainly recommend it. From my own experience of using a variety of armbands, this one sits the most comfortably on the arm and doesn't have to be done up too tightly to avoid slipping when running. I also like how it manages and stores the earphone cord at the side making it more convenient when running.


The range of sizes are compatible with the following phones (and may be compatible with other smartphones or androids):

  • iPhone 4S/4/3G/3GS
  • iPhone 5S/5/5C (reflective pink & yellow available)
  • iPhone 6/6S/7/6S Plus/7 Plus
  • Galaxy Note 4/5/7
  • Galaxy S5/S6/S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 (reflective pink & yellow available)

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