High 5 EnergyGels and IsoGels

Category: Running Energy Gels
Recommended for: endurance athletes who need to re-fuel with natural energy during long training or performance sessions.


  • Great tasting, use real fruit juice for flavour
  • Thin consistency makes gels easy to consume
  • Low-maintenance, can be taken by itself or with water
  • Suitable for a vegan and/or gluten-free diet
  • Caffeinated and caffeine-free options


  • Slightly bulky packaging makes them more difficult to carry than smaller gels (esp. IsoGels)


During my marathon training I've tried a few of the EnergyGel flavours. I haven't found a flavour I don't like, though Banana is my favourite. I like that I can take the gels without water and they consistently provide me with natural energy, and leave a surprisingly nice aftertaste. Often I switch between non-caffeinated and caffeinated EnergyGels during my run since I like the extra boost I get from the 'Plus' gels.


I've tried a few flavours of IsoGels and Orange wins the taste test in this category. While these gels are nice because they are thinner than their EnergyGel counterpart, the packaging makes it a bit more difficult to carry them around on long runs. I like to use 2-3 of them for back-to-back workouts (running followed by spin), or in place of a sports drink during a long gym session. The ingredients are natural and better for an athlete's body than those found in most sports drinks, making them an ideal energy source.


As a grad student, these gels have met every need I have when looking for endurance nutrition. They are delicious, lightweight, low-maintenance, and fit perfectly into my small budget.

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