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Flow Nano Massage Gun


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A world first: a heat and percussion therapy massage gun. While the smart heat element is what makes this massage gun stand out, it’s also super lightweight and compact, yet delivers.

Flow Nano Massage Gun

Flow Nano Massage Gun


  • NANO has 3 modes: Relax Mode (Green light), Refresh mode (Yellow light) and Recharge mode (Red light)
  • Heat Temperature: Low: 38°C (100°F), Medium: 42°C (108°F), High: 46°C (114°F)
  • 4 Flow heads (Ball, Fork, Bullet, Hammer)
  • Transport bag
  • Battery life: 2h battery life if typically used
  • Recharge Time: 2h
  • Speed settings: Frequency (RPM): Level 1: 1800 Level 2: 2300 Level 3:2800 
  • Stylish, highly ergonomic design
  • Weight: 320g
  • Size: 140mm x 105mm x 38mm
  • British design
Flow Nano Massage Gun
Flow Nano Massage Gun


  • Ideal for rehab as well as general strength and conditioning
  • Regular use improves overall mobility and range of movement
  • Heat function works very well to aid muscle relaxation and promote blood circulation
  • Small, compact and very portable
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Powerful yet ultra-quiet brushless motor
  • Can provide instant pain relief
  • Can be used on various body parts with ease
  • Multiple functions to achieve the best results, pre and post activities


  • For larger areas like the thighs, if you want more pressure, this wonsquo;t offer much relief.
  • Heat and massage functions cannot be used at the same time. Although not a big deal, just means you’re required to keep switching in between each setting to heat and massage your muscles.

In Testing

The manual in the box provides very easy to read & follow instructions. I was curious about the heat element of this massage gun and wanted to put it to the test. I quickly figured by pressing the button located on the bottom of the handle TWICE in quick succession, this activates the hot plate and can be switched off by holding the button for a few seconds.

There are three levels of heat indicated by a small heat lamp built into the device. Each temperature is bearable – you will not burn yourself, I can reassure you, it’s more like a soothing heat suitable for all types of skin sensitivity. 

It's a clever and effective touch to only have one button that controls everything. This not only makes the design sleek, but practically speaking it also means you’re able to switch in and out of the functions from heat to massage very well.

I like the fact this gun offers a gentler approach for those not-so-intense training days or runs. Perfect for carrying with you. It comes with a USB-C cable that’s required for charging, unlike the Flow Mini which comes with a charging cable and adapter.

I tested it out on a slight headache I had one morning, and it also works great for menstrual cramps. When my entire body just feels achy, and a hot bath doesn’t quite cut it, I turn to the Nano. 


I would suggest this for anyone who needs something with a compact size and is very easy to handle and use. Also the heat function that this fantastic massage gun offers is unlike anything else out there. It still produces a very decent amount of pressure where you need it most. It certainly offers relaxing, blood circulating, muscle-tension relief. This can improve and enhance your performance, whether you’re a jogger, athlete or you enjoy any kind of regular exercise.

Flow Nano Massage Gun

Flow Nano Massage Gun

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