Barry Crane, Physiotherapist

Barry graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2005 with a first class honours degree in physiotherapy and rowing research dissertation deemed suitable for publication. He is not only highly qualified and experienced, but also sympathetic and great to work with.

His working background has consisted of treating musculoskeletal pathologies ranging from the elderly to young children in all demographics and sporting abilities. He has been named Chelsea and Westminster Allied Health Professional of the year whilst maintaining a keen sports medicine interest with assessment, diagnosis and treatment of elite athletes such as senior and junior international rowers, Samoa Rugby professional players, elite track and field athletes, distance runners and triathletes. Since relocating to London he has continued to treat a wide variety of top level athletes and mere mortals like the rest of us!

Barry is an exercise enthusiast who has completed 20 marathons, many triathlons including Alpe D’Huez and The Escape from Alcatraz. He is currently training for a channel relay swim. We've been so impressed with Barry's sports background, expertise, and practical approach that we work with him at our Clinic, giving our customers the opportunity to get his advice on the problems they're encountering with their training.

Barry is physiotherapist in residence at our in-store Clinic:

  • Monday AM
  • Tuesday PM
  • Wednesday late PM
  • Thursday PM
  • Friday AM & PM
  • Weekends and very early AM appointments on request.

£50 for 30mins

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0207 228 1424

My interest, in fact I would need to go further and say passion for not just running but all sporting injuries stems from my own sporting background.

A potential footballing career was cut short due to serious knee injuries, but the ensuing misdiagnosis and poor rehabilitation prompted my own interest in sports medicine and a desire to emulate and learn from those at the top of their field both academically and practically.

Further medical exposure due to family illness prompted me to embark on a distinct career change and I obtained a 1st class honours degree in physiotherapy along with research work related to running, rowing and general gait analysis deemed suitable for publication.

Through my new found knowledge and inbuilt motivation I returned to alternative competitive sport in rowing, running and triathlon.

I will complete my 12th marathon at this year's London Marathon in support of Leaukaemia and Lymphoma Research along with my younger brother who is running his first marathon and was my inspiration to start running seriously and supporting this charity very close to both of our hearts nearly 15years ago.

I have competed in numerous triathlons and other running events including The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon and Steeplechase through the Peak District.

My physiotherapy career has led me to encounter rugby and football teams, elite and professional athletes and triathletes, international rowers of all ages, and NHS patients from infants to the elderly just to give a flavour of the diversity involved. I love the challenge of these diverse populations and I am currently employed by the NHS at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital whilst also running my own private clinic from Battersea.

I also take great pleasure in running and organising numerous exercise classes in an ongoing effort to both prevent and treat musculoskeletal pain or disfunction.

I do not believe that any problem can not at the very least be improved in some way if not fully resolved provided the individual is suitably advised and motivated.
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