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They say you never forget your first…
…and Mike's first marathon (New York) was back in 2007 when he ran it to raise money for a charity close to his heart, The British Red Cross.

Little did he know just how much his life would change after that "bucketlist" run.

Since 2007, he's been lucky enough to have enjoyed another 18 marathons across the world. So much so that he decided to make a career of it by leaving the corporate world of London to move up to York (Oct 2014) and start a health & wellness business (Nov 2014) which combines his love for running with helping as many people as possible to get back in shape whilst enjoying the positive benefits that running can bring into their lives.

From his 9 years experience training for and running marathons all the world, Mike has condensed his experience and knowledge into a 4-Step Formula for helping clients to get back into shape and create better lifestyle habits:

  • Step 1) Getting them moving and running regularly to improve their fitness
  • Step 2) Introducing clients to the world of cross training/strength & conditioning to help CHANGE the way their body performs, tolerates and resists injuries, as well as the way it looks and feels
  • Step 3) Getting to grips with the basics of nutrition so that clients FUEL their bodies correctly
  • Step 4) Developing their mindset as you would any other muscle in your body, so that their results actually stick for the long term

Whilst providing group/one to one training on an appointment only basis around his home in York, Michael is also able to offer online coaching.

Through bespoke personal training, I lead by example and keep up to date with cutting edge training techniques. Coupled with my own experience, I'm then able to best hone each individual client's programme to their specific goals. It really is satisfying when I can bring my knowledge and skills into a session with a client, challenging them in new ways but always leaving them smiling!
– Michael Phan
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