What fuels my running? Inspiration. I won't go running without my... knowledge of what I want out of my run. Whether that is a 30-40 min easy 'wake-up' run, a speed session or a race. I run and become... energised or tired. But always happy :-) My best ever running experience... Anywhere – usually in the hills – when I can see for miles and just run beyond the horizon.

10 Tips for the Week of a Marathon / Half Marathon

The final week before your big race, whether a half or full marathon, can be a stressful time. Here are 10 top tips to help get you to the start line.

Best Running Head Torches: 2024

A running head torch is a great way to stay safer if you need to train in the dark. Check out the latest technology in this handy guide. Free UK delivery.

Running Flexibility and Strength for Seniors

Maintaining flexibility and strength over 50 improves overall physical performance, improves posture and decreases the risk of injury.

Best Fell Running Shoes: Spring 2024

Fell shoes are designed for serious off-road running All have a deep studded sole.

Review: OMM Ultra 15L Running Backpack

A lightweight and convenient bag for running or walking anywhere when you want to travel "fast n' light" – with just the basics.

Eilish McColgan Interview

Whether you run on track, cross-country or road, get tips and inspiration on training from Great Britain international and Olympian Eilish McColgan.

Top Tips for Summer Trail Running

New to trail running? Seasoned trail runner? Or just want to explore new routes? You will love this inspirational virtual evening with La Sportiva UK.

Healthy Eating for Runners

For any runner, the key benefits of healthy eating are the ability to train well and recover efficiently plus quickly.

Beginner 5K Training Plan

The goal is to make Couch to 5k achievable, by gradually increasing the workload to let your body adapt.

5K Training Plan to Improve Speed

So you've done one or two 5K races. How can you continue to improve, or go from beginner to intermediate level – i.e. get faster?

Spring Running Tips

The evenings are now noticeably drawing out and the odd bud and flower appearing.

How to Spot the Signs of Overtraining

The great Norwegian distance runner Grete Waitz, had a well known phrase that “overtraining is wasted training”.

10k Race Training Schedule for Beginners & Improvers

Designed as a simple-to-follow guide for absolute beginners or improvers.

Marathon Training Schedule

Simple-to-follow 19-week guide for absolute beginners or improvers who have run one or two marathons.

How to Follow Training Schedules

10 tips on how to understand and follow the Run and Become training schedules.

Injured from running: to race or not to race?

Weeks or days from your race, a little niggle flares up. Do you soldier on or pull out?

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