Sarah Scott

Natural Gait Analysis Expert, Edinburgh

What fuels my running? Determination. I won't go running without my... eye on the prize. I run and become... stress free. My best ever running experience... Winning the Langholm Doctors Run.

Summer Running Tips

From clothing to route-planning, Sarah Scott has a checklist of things to consider.

5 Swiss Ball Exercises for Strengthening Your Glutes

Often the importance of maintaining strong glutes is overlooked, particularly with runners.

Circuit Training Session for Runners

With added resistance from dumbbells, vipers, barbells, kettlebells & medicine balls.

Plyometrics for Runners

A session based on different types of jump, to increase power and explosive movement.

Calisthenics for Runners

A session of resistance training using purely body weight exercises, for gym or home.

Tips for Running Your First Race

Sarah Scott has a handy checklist of things you might want to plan before race day.

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