Joyce Kalombo

Deputy Online Orders Manager, LONDON

What fuels my running? My hunger to always do better than the last track session athletics, and my mental determination to always aim high. I won't go running without my... Nike training cap and earphones. I run and become... A more positive and eager individual, ready to achieve the next challenge. My best ever running experience... My first international athletics competition in Viterbo, Italy. I came 4th place in Long jump and it was an amazing experience!

How to Listen to Music While Running

Running with music is an idea that works for some but not for all. Is it safe? Does it improve your running? What type of music should you listen to?

Review: On Running Tights

The most comfortable, practical and stylish pair of tights that I have ever worn.

Best Energy Gels for Running

One of the fundamentals for longer distance running is energy gels, to keep topped up with carbohydrates.

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