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Asics GT-2000 10


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Average Weight: Men's 280g / Women's 238g
Offset / Heel-to-Toe Drop: 8mm
Stack Height: Men's 22/14mm / Women's 21/13mm

This anti-pronation shoe has the right combination of stability and cushioning when you need moderate support on your runs, while still being lightweight.

Men's Asics GT-2000 10


  • Extremely well-cushioned with Flytefoam and Gel.
  • Mild to moderate support, controlling the foot well through the gait cycle to reduce over-pronation.  
  • Impact Guidance System connects the Guidance Line, and the Gel cushioning and the Trusstic Technology together to encourage your foot's natural gait.
  • Mix of Light and supportive AHAR rubber on the outsole adds to the cushioned feel and increases durability.
  • Soft Ortholite Lasting insole is 2.5mm thick designed from odour-resistant material.


  • We would still like to see slightly more strength on the upper around the big toe area, which some runners often wear through quicker than they would like, but other brands are guilty of this too.  
Men's Asics GT-2000 10


As with most modern technical running shoes, the huge advances in recent years in shoe upper technology means there is hardly a seam to be found. This makes for a lovely comfy and secure fit with out at all feeling too snug. Asics have also reinforced some areas to give more durability.

The forefoot seems slightly wider than the versions 7/8 which will please many Asics lovers, but without being too wide that your feet are slipping about.

The heel collar seems to totally hold the ankle well, which along with the secure mid-foot fit really helps hold the foot in place as it transitions through the gait cycle from heel-strike to mid-foot plant.


The latest 2000 v9 midsole uses an even lighter evolution of Flyteoam. Flytefoam was the result of about three years of testing by the Advanced Technology Team at the Asics Institute in Kobe Japan. Asics say they examined more than 300 types of fibre and eventually incorporated short organic reinforcement fibres from a material also used to make bullet-proof vests. These high strength-to-weight ratio strands were combined with a lightweight plastic, reinforcing the walls of the foam’s bubble structure. This advanced material is, they claim about 55% lighter than the industry-standard foam and is very elastic, enabling more rebound with every stride.

Simply put, Flytefoam is incorporated as the main midsole material making for a lovely soft ride. With the usual, ever-present Gel capsules in the main impact areas of heel and forefoot, this shoe has excellent cushioning.

At Run and Become, we are runners, not scientists, but I have to say the Version 9 does indeed feel softer and lighter than the version 8.

So much for the cushioning, what about the stability? Like the ever-present gel pads, Asics have again developed the slightly denser Duomax posting under the arch to still be supportive, while not feeling like the proverbial brick. It supports the arch well to work with the foot. Together with the “Trustic system”, right under the middle of the foot, it makes for a very stable platform when the foot is at the point of maximum ground contact, before you go through onto your toes to “take off”.

The forefoot features slightly deeper flex grooves to help re-flex the foot for toe-off. 


AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) in the heel to give durability and long life at what is most runners' high-impact zone.

Light AHAR rubber under the forefoot. This makes for durability but without compromising cushioning or longevity.

The combination of the two AHAR rubbers in heel and forefoot is a great blend.


Conventional lacing 

In Testing

Having worn many previous models of both the 1000 and 2000 series over the years, you always look forward to any updates. The latest 2000 v9 didn’t disappoint.

I have been wearing them on early morning local trundles and on longer weekend runs of up to 2 hours plus, where I am mainly on hard surfaces most of the time.

As many of our customers find, they feel like old dependable friends, just letting you get on with churning out the miles, knowing your being well-cushioned and protected as you go along. 

Although designed for tarmac, they are also fine on the odd mile or two of hard packed trails or paths with nothing too technical or mushy to deal with.


For nearly 30 years, the GT-2000™ series has been the stability shoe of choice for thousands of runners of all standards. It has evolved steadily over the years and although, like most brands' flagship shoes, occasionally some updates don’t please everyone, version 9 of the Asics 2000 seems to be pleasing most people.

If you're looking for a lightweight and cushioned running shoe with moderate arch support for your foot the GT-2000™ 10 model is an excellent choice.

Men's Asics GT-2000 10

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