Geoff Oliver Rewrites the Over 80 Ultra Record Books

Geoff Oliver defied the years, and some would say common sense, to set a total of 7 world ultra distance age group records when taking part in the Self-Transcendence 24-hour race, 21/22 Sept 2013, at Tooting Bec track, London, UK.

The quiet, unassuming 80 year old from Hinkley in Leicestershire, England, already holds a string of ultra distance age group records at various distances from 30 miles to 24 hours. Geoff has been running all his life and from marathons moved up to ultra distances over 30 years ago.

In the 24 hour race, the idea is to see how much distance one can cover in the 24 hours. Runners run on an accurately measured loop, in this case a 400 metre track, and every lap is meticulously counted to give a final total.

Geoff covered a total of 380 laps of the track to record a final distance of 152.295kms / 94 miles 1108 yards to set a new world male over 80 record.

On this incredible journey around the track, Geoff set several records at intermediate distances (subject to ratification) which were:

30 miles in 5 hours 32 minutes 31 seconds; 50 kms in 5 hours 43 minutes 07 seconds; 40 miles in 7 hours 55 minutes 45 seconds; 50 miles in 10 hours 20 minutes 32 seconds;

He also set distance marks at:

6 hours of 52.265 kms; 12 hours of 89.732 kms; 24 hours of 152.295 kms.

His 100k split of 13.55.09 was the only recognised distance where he failed to break the existing world mark of 13.15.57 which is held by the German Horst Feiler. It is, however, a new male over 80 British record.

Geoff has run the race at Tooting Bec many times and is a well respected figure on the UK ultra running circuit. He also rewrote the over 75 records there a few years ago. After the race he praised the organisation of the Sri Chinmoy Athletic Club and the family feel of the event. He did say, that due to family and personal circumstances this year, he had only run two races in the build up to this year’s event, a 10k and 10 miler. Obviously Geoff has a few “Lifetime miles” in the bank, and just loves running. He has also learnt to be almost self-sufficient at these events.

Geoff Oliver 24-Hour Race

Full results of the race, which was won by Marco Consani of Glasgow’s Garscube Harriers with a distance of just over 154 miles can be found here »

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