Nordic Balance, Physiotherapy & Gym

Nordic Balance St James's
No. 4 St James's Square
London SW1Y 4JU

0207 827 5735


Located in the heart of St. James's London (SW1), Nordic Balance is an independently owned health club with a gym and a physical therapy clinic of the highest standards.
Set in the basement of the In and Out Club, beneath beautiful, vaulted ceilings, it's the most atmospheric gym we've come across. Refurbished in early 2022, the gym is fully equipped with cutting-edge toys like Watt Bike Atoms, Concept2 Rowers and SkiErgs. In addition, there's a beautiful swimming pool with Fast Lane technology, a sauna, and a stretching studio.
Supporting its members, Nordic Balance houses a team of trainers who are all very experienced, friendly, encouraging, and professional.
Recognised by most UK health insurers, Nordic Balance St James's Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Therapists play an integral part in preventing and managing sports injuries. Working together, they aim to identify risk factors to prevent injuries, treat and fully rehabilitate you post-injury, returning you to your sport in the shortest possible time. 
So, whether you're looking to get fit, recover from injury, or learn how to run without putting strain on your body, Nordic Balance St James's is the place to go!
Overall, Nordic Balance provides a fitness haven and is different from other big chain gyms. As a specialist running shop from a high street sports fashion outlet, we've fallen in love with Nordic Balance and are thrilled to recommend them. 
Exclusive to Run and Become clients, Nordic Balance offers £10 off their 360 Degree Running Analysis with promo code NORDIC360RUN. Get a complete and comprehensive 360 Degree Running Analysis conducted by a highly experienced Physiotherapist who is not only a marathon runner himself but specialises in managing and preventing running-related injuries. 

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