Becky Xerri

Natural Gait Analysis Expert, Cardiff

What fuels my running? Raw chocolate. Sunshine helps too! I won't go running without my... technical fabric running clothes. I run and become... happy and excited about life, refreshed and light-hearted. My best ever running experience... Running from Penzance to Landsend along a beautiful coastal path, on the World Harmony Run from John O'Groats.

Superfoods for Super Running

Introducing superfoods into your diet is an easy and effective way of increasing energy.

Healthy Running Foods: for Fuel and Healing

Discover the healing powers of humble fruit and veg in your kitchen.

Foods that Fight Pain

Nutrients work against pain by reducing damage at the site of injury.

Recipe: Natural Energy Bars for Runners

Looking for some natural alternatives, or are want to have a go at making your own?

Recipe: Natural Energy Drinks for Runners

Find out the benefits of coconut water, green leafy vegetables and spirulina.

Review: SIS Rego Rapid Recovery Shake

Recommended for recovery, muscle repair after training, and adaptation to exercise.

Knee Pain in Runners

By looking after your knees now, you can help to safeguard them for the future.

Recipe: Nuts and Raw Energy Foods

Eating raw foods greatly increases the energy we are able to convert from food.

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