Amaravati H. Kosuthova

What fuels my running? Inspiration and encouragement from fellow runners! I also love the Chia seed flapjack. I won't go running without my... iPod! I run and become... happier and stronger. My best ever running experience... running a marathon in Rockland Lake State Park in NY. It was pouring down the whole time, the rain reminded me of a tropical monsoon season in Indonesia.

How Baking Soda Can Help Your Running

It might seem crazy to consider baking soda as a supplement or drink, but read on...

Why Runners Need Potassium

Electrolytes help us to train and perform well in sports so we need to keep them in balance.

Sports Massage for Runners

How can a sports massage benefit a runner? What is special about sports massage?

Reflexology for Runners

Do you want to run longer without muscle fatigue or cramping?

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