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Expert Advice Team

You’re unique. Understanding how your body works is essential to being a happy and long lasting runner. Our team has uncompromising knowledge on all running gear, and the skill to read you the runner. We get supercharged seeking the best of the best for you. Meet the team »

Natural Gait Analysis

Running comes naturally, but for the smoothest, most stress free running experience you need a shoe that moves with you and becomes your perfect partner. Natural Gait Analysis is the essential way to identify your running motion and match you with your dream shoe. Find out more »

Big Selection

With over 290 different running shoes, extensive clothing and endless accessories, our range can seem overwhelming. But with our product knowledge and running expertise, you can be sure of finding the products that will have you running happy and healthy. See the range »

The Best Running Kit for Summer 2015

The pick of running vests, t-shirts, shorts, capris, long sleeves and accessories for 2015.

NEW Limited Edition Brooks Aurora Collection

Only Brooks specially selected retailers stock the Aurora collection and Run and Become is one of them!

Barefoot V Cushioned Running Shoes

The range of barefoot/minimal running shoes may have shrunk but we’ve been left with good shoes from good companies.

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Get free online advice on training for any distance, plus tips on cross-training and stretching.

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What to eat, and when to eat it? Fuelling the body is an integral part of your training. Get free tips!

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Can’t get in to one of our stores? Want to learn how to avoid common running ailments?

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Benefit from the support and fun of a group session and pick up tips to improve your fitness.

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We all have questions about our fitness and health, our experts to help you find the answers.


Why not visit our in-store Become and Run Clinic: Sports therapists, Form analysis, Nutritional advice.

Welcome to the Run and Become Clinic
Half of all runners get injured each year.
Discover how to stay in the right half and accelerate your bounce back.

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Can’t get in to one of our stores? Want to learn how to avoid common running ailments? It’s all here…

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