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With over 290 different running shoes, extensive clothing and endless accessories, our range can seem overwhelming. But with our product knowledge and running expertise, you’ll be in good hands. See the range »

Natural Gait Analysis

For a smooth, stress free running experience you need a shoe that moves with you perfectly. Natural Gait Analysis is the essential way to identify your running motion and discover your dream running shoes. Find out more »

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You’re unique. Understanding how your body works is essential to being a healthy runner. Our team has uncompromising knowledge on all running gear, and the skill to read you, the runner. Meet the team »

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We are more than just a shop. Our Sports Clinic offers injury care and form coaching. Then there are our workshops, training sessions, inspirational talks, plus races. Everything you need to run better! See what's on »

This is in my view the best general running shop in the UK. The shoe selection is massive. Most importantly, the staff are all running nutcases like me (but don't be put off by that if you are a beginner – it's a very friendly place). For keen runners, a trip to R+B is something approaching a religious experience...

– Eddie Wilson, Google+

Transform your core in just 3 minutes (a day)

If you are training for a marathon you’ve got to put the miles in and wave goodbye to lazy Sundays. But if you want a strong core you don’t have to spend hours each week at it, you could but you don’t have to. The trick is little, short but OFTEN.

6 reasons why trail running is for YOU

We were not made to run like hamsters on a treadmill, and this world of concrete we’ve created is alright, but few would call it paradise. Head for the hills and your running will improve, your spirits soar and your lungs’ll offer up gratitude.


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