The Best Running Socks for You

What comes to mind when you think of your running socks? Soft... Comfy... Colourful?

Barefoot V Cushioned Running Shoes

The range of barefoot/minimal running shoes may have shrunk but we've been left with good shoes from good companies.

Your Sports Bra Guide

The most fundamental piece of kit for women can be the most frustrating to get perfect.

Best Running Spikes for 2016

Here at Run and Become we've got a huge selection of running spikes for sprint, distance and field to help you to a PB.

How to nail your recovery: a runner's guide

After pushing yourself to the limit in a race or tough training session you want to enjoy a feeling of post-exercise satisfaction, not chronic exhaustion. Building in some simple steps to your fitness regime will pay off well and fast. Read more »

Knee Pain: 3 Essential Stretches for Runners

Although these stretches are aimed at helping the many runners who experience knee pain during or after exercise, they are common sense for all runners and we’ll all get the ‘Ahhh’ feeling when we do them. Read more »


Brooks Ghost 8, Neutral Road-Running Shoes


HOKA Vanquish 2, Neutral Road-Running Shoes


Nike Zoom Rival D 9, Distance Spikes


Nike Zoom Rival S 8, Sprint Spikes

How Do I Know My Footstrike?

If you can't get into our stores for a fitting we've got some guidelines to help you determine your footstrike.

How to Choose?

There's so much choice it can be overwhelming, especially with a range the size of ours. So let us guide you to what will work for you...

Natural Gait Analysis

We believe NGA is the most intelligent way to ascertain not only your footstrike but how your whole body moves...


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