Your Cross Country Running Guide

Cross country: you either love it or hate it! What are the best shoes for x-country racing?

What to Wear for Hill, Trail and Fell Running

Here's a list of suggested clothing to consider for different seasons and terrains.

A Guide to Choosing Your Running Backpack

A correctly fitting backpack for running makes a massive difference.

Barefoot V Cushioned Running Shoes

The range of barefoot/minimal running shoes may have shrunk but we've been left with good shoes from good companies.

Your Sports Bra Guide

Sports Bras. The most fundamental piece of kit for exercising women. Frequently the most frustrating piece of kit to get perfect. Let's talk through why you need support - no matter what exercise you're doing - and what to look for. Read more �

Trail Running Shoes or Road Running Shoes?

Do you know when to reach for your road shoes and when to dig out your trail shoes? Confused? Then watch this video, and all will be revealed. Read more �


Preview: Hoka Vanquish 2, Road Running Shoes


Sugoi Zap Vest, Running Gilet




Brooks PureCadence 4, Minimal Running Shoes

How Do I Know My Footstrike?

If you can't get into our stores for a fitting we've got some guidelines to help you determine your footstrike.

How to Choose?

There's so much choice it can be overwhelming, especially with a range the size of ours. So let us guide you to what will work for you...

Natural Gait Analysis

We believe NGA is the most intelligent way to ascertain not only your footstrike but how your whole body moves...


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