Let's Run! Keep up the Enthusiasm
Beginners' Running Advice & Motivation
Let's Run! Keep up the Enthusiasm

For a recent documentary on Why we Run, the BBC World service asked me that very question. There are philosophical answers and practical answers but no one wants to give up running, so the important question is: 'How to keep Motivated?'

If we have enthusiasm then we'll keep going and make sure we find time for it. So, how can we have more enthusiasm? Here are my suggestions.

1. Set some goals. Goals translate to motivation.

  • If you're not running regularly stop reading right now, get your diary, find a realistic time/times in the week and write 30 Minute Run, then tell your partner/kids/work colleagues, whoever's part of your daily routine, getting fit is concrete in your diary! You'll see it each week and be spurred to make it happen.
  • So, you're running regularly, now how about a race? There are so many options, short / long, big fields / small groups, and runners are friendly and supportive - no need to be nervous or scared you'll come back of the pack - you won't and if you do you'll get the biggest cheer! Go sign up now – we've got some great races on.
  • Got your running and racing sorted? Doing well? How about signing up for that challenge you've always wondered about? Go for it, make this the year you become a hero runner!

2. Bring newness to your training – get re-inspired.

  • Getting stuck in a training rut isn't so inspiring, and doesn't help your fitness. Why not try a Sprint Session? Head to your local track, and have some fun.
  • Learn more about your running style and get some advice on how to keep injury at bay with Running Technique Coaching.
  • See how to train with more energy – book a session with a sports nutritionist.
  • Invest in some personal training sessions to address body strength. Think that's too much money/not your thing? Well, it's an investment, educates you on how to be healthily strong, and probably costs the same as a night out. For Londoners we recommend Nordic Balance.
  • Join a running club in London, Edinburgh or Cardiff. These are not just for the elites, they're fantastic for less experienced runners too: free coaching, motivation from other enthusiasts, social fun.

3. Take advantage of the help and inspiration available.

  • Not attended one of our Events yet? Why not? They're fun, informative and free!
  • Training for a race? Take a look at our training programmes.
  • Look after your body: stretch! And make use of our excellent sports practitioners at our in-store Sports Clinic.

Most important of all: Keep Smiling, Keep Running! And remember, every time you run you're an inspiration to those you pass.

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