How to Run Safely in the Dark
Autumn & Winter Running Advice
How to Run Safely in the Dark

When the ‘dark season’ sets in some of us continue to run outdoors as if nothing happened, some move indoors and hit the treadmill and some stop running altogether. Why is that?

Darkness is usually associated with fear. And here in the UK, cold temperature. Acknowledge which one it is that bugs you and attack it.

Running Gear Tips

  1. The cold is easy to fight. Layer up according the weather conditions and the type of your run and you’ll be more than fine. There is a range from light to thicker thermos, same with tights, and jackets – light windbreakers, to windstoppers and waterproofs, and more.
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  2. The trick to dealing with darkness is ‘see and be seen’. Most big cities are well lit throughout the night, so your vision should be acceptable. Pay attention to the surface and surroundings nevertheless.
  3. Street lamps, car or bike light beams will bring any reflective gear to life and make you stand out from the shadows. Clothing comes in a variety; you have brightly coloured items, ones with reflective stripes across or ones that are reflective 360º.
  4. In addition, there is a wide range of accessories, from reflective or LED straps and bands for your arm, ankle or shoes, clip-on lights, torches or headlamps. These accessories are comfortable, lightweight, bright and small, but will make the biggest difference to your safety.
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Other Running Tips

  1. You’ll find less light in smaller towns and villages, and even less in hills or forests. To be able to run in such places safely and without affecting your speed, control and freedom, you’ll need a good head torch. A torch with a strength of at least 180-200 lumens and adjustable lamp tilt, reactive lightning will take you to the next comfort level. Understand your gear before you take it out for a dark run.
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  2. Be aware! I’d suggest you take those headphones off. Running with music can be motivating, but often takes you to ‘another place’. Trust me, darkness can be just as motivating. For sure it can boost your adrenaline, especially in the beginnings, and often will make you run faster.
  3. Run with a friend or in a group; this can also be a good time to join a running club.
  4. It’s a good idea to stick your ID in your pocket.
  5. If there is still more that scares you, you can take all this to the next level: learn to fall, take self-defence classes, carry a personal alarm or mobile phone. Don’t look at the darkness as an enemy, instead befriend it, find your weaker points, work on them and get stronger. Running in the dark can be real fun.

If you need help with any aspect of the night running come and see us in our stores :)

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