Women's On Active Breathe Tee

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Women's On Active Breathe Tee


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This tee would make a fabulous companion for any running distance. Incredibly soft, eco-friendly fabric with a natural feel, while being super-ventilated and quick-drying. 

Women's On Active Breathe Tee


  • 93% lyocell (Tencel®)
  • 7% elastane
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Dries as fast as you can sweat
  • Clever ventilation
  • Stylish yet incredibly comfortable cut
Women's On Active Breathe Tee
Women's On Active Breathe Tee


  • Eco-friendly: made from 93% lyocell, natural plant-based yarns
  • 7% elastane makes it super stretchy so it moves with you
  • Super-soft feel
  • Flattering and comfortable cut
  • Practical and versatile colours
  • Quick-drying
  • Very well ventilated


  • Admittedly pricey at £60... but oh so worth it
  • If you wear a racerback bra, it's visible through the ventilation gap at the back... but that can be a pro rather than a con if you want to show off your Brooks Interlace, for example :-)

In Testing

This is hands-down the best running tee I've ever tried. Most new clothing takes a while to get used to, or to break in by washing and wearing a few times, right? I felt at home in this one straight away. The fabric is so soft, it feels like your favourite pyjamas, or like that lucky T-shirt you never want to throw away. It's incredibly soft, you barely notice you're wearing it. 

Given the Great British "summer" of 2021, I haven't had much call for extra ventilation, but the placing of the vent at the back is just genius. It gives you extra breathing space without any strange drafts where you don't want them, and without compromising on modesty. The loose-fitting sleeves are equally clever – light and airy, and yet they hang in just the right way to cover the shoulder without flapping about. 

This tee looks effortless, and it's certainly effortless to wear, but the technology that's gone into it is cutting-edge. Tencel fabric is made from plant-based organic compounds, so it has a softer-than-cotton feel, but unlike cotton it dries as quickly as you can sweat. It's really easy to wash and wear too – you could air dry it overnight, no problem. It would therefore be great for travelling, or just if you end up getting so attached to it that you want to wear it every day :-).


If I ever make it back to marathon running, this is the tee I'd want to wear. It really would be perfect for any distance, and even in cooler weather it works well as a baselayer under a jacket. You don't have to keep it just for running though – the stylish cut makes it versatile for any activity, or even just for post-workout coffee :-) I know it seems a little pricey, but if we're talking about value, it's worth every penny.

Women's On Active Breathe Tee

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