Saucony Ride 10, Neutral Road Running Shoes

Category: Neutral Road Running Shoes
Recommended for: runners with a fairly neutral foot strike running any distance.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Flexible in the best way – gradually through the stride – even more than version 9
  • Light at 269g (men) 238g (women)
  • Responsive thanks to new Everun Topsole layer
  • Improved uppers that fit a variety of widths with no seams to dig into the sensitive forefoot area


  • I’m struggling to find one
  • Not great for speed work as the cushioning is soft

Fit and Feel

The differences in this update of the Saucony Ride are subtler than from version 8 to 9 but to big effect. The main improvement is the upper material that has much more give and will happily accommodate narrow to on-the-wide-side feet. As a result these shoes feel instantly comfortable, you feel supported but your toes still have freedom to move. This is certainly not a broad fitting shoe but it will fit the broader foot better than many in the current Saucony range. The sizing is true, a fraction more generous than the previous model. There is also improvement in fit at the heel, I found they slip far less than previous Saucony shoes I’ve had and I don’t even need to loop lace to get a perfect hold at my narrow heels. The cushioning feels lovely, still has the Saucony spring combined with all the cushioning you could need.


  • Flexible engineered mesh uppers
  • Woven heel contruction for support and a perfect fit
  • Full length PoweGrid cushioning
  • Everun Topsole layer for an extra spring in your stride
  • Zigzag outersole that provides good grip on wet pavements and some grip for muddier toe-path runs


I found these needed little breaking in, against the advice I’d give anyone with new shoes, I ran for an hour happily. The improved fit mean there was no friction and the shoes are so flexible that they instantly mould to your running gait. They work so well with your stride to aid a smooth running motion – so important to minimise stress and injury – and have that Saucony spring to make the most of your effort.


I’m in love again! Having run in Saucony Ride for years I was frustrated by version 9, the midsole was great but my feet felt trapped by the uppers. Not so version 10, these are positively blissful to run in. The improved heel fit, added flexibility to the uppers without loss of foot support, and excellent cushioning combined with fluid flexibility makes this – dare I say it – the perfect shoe. If you like the Saucony feel and have a neutral running gait you’ll love the Ride 10.

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  • ArjanJune 10, 2017 at 9:43pm
    I bought these today after my Ride 7's passed the 1.000 kilometres mark. I'm absolutely DELIGHTED with them :-D. Awesome shoe. Reply
  • ShankaraJune 12, 2017 at 8:22am
    Hi Arjan, that's great to hear. Happy Running!

    Shankara Reply
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