Saucony Guide 14, Support Road Running Shoes
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Saucony Guide 14, Support Road Running Shoes


Support Road Running Shoes


Average Weight: Men's 398g / Women's 266g
Offset: 8mm (32.5mm/24.5mm)

Super comfortable, durable and reliable road running shoe, with medial support for over-pronation. A fantastic option for everyday running.

Men's Saucony Guide 14
£107.00 £125.00

Women's Saucony Guide 14
£107.00 £125.00



  • 3D engineered fascia, for comfort and extra stability
  • Personalised FORMFIT upper stretches where needed for a secure fit and feel
  • Secure heel counter
  • 78% recycled materials in the collar and tongue


  • Anti-pronation support, provided by the TPU guidance frame
  • Springy, lightweight cushioning with PWRRUN technology


  • Flexibility from TRI-FLEX technology
Saucony Guide 14, Support Road Running Shoes
Saucony Guide 14, Support Road Running Shoes


  • Super comfy feel in the upper, like a hug for your feet
  • Springy cushioning, but not too soft and squishy, so you can still feel in control
  • Anti-pronation support extends to the midfoot, so if you're a midfoot or forefoot striker it can still offer stability
  • Simple, understated design – nothing flashy


  • There have been complaints in the past that the fit in the heel of Saucony shoes is not snug enough, causing slipping for some people. Although to the eye it still might look a little wide,  the improved heel counter is actually really padded, holding the heel nicely. I have a really narrow heel, so I loop-lace mine out of habit, but I'd probably be fine without.

In testing

Right from the moment I put these on, I felt at home – they're like a pair of favourite slippers.

The upper is brilliantly designed with a supportive 3D wrap, and lovely padding where you want it – around the heel. The mesh is breathable without being too flimsy, so it'll withstand a bit of weather and wear. I tend to go through the big toe area quite quickly, so I always keep an eye out for anything too thin.

Full disclosure: I don't do a lot of mileage. But there's bags of cushioning if you do – both in the heel and forefoot. It's springy without being spongy, so you can feel some energy return.

I'm a midfoot striker, mild-to-moderate overpronator with high arches, and I find the support is bang on for me. It stops my arch collapsing over without compromising on flexibility throughout the rest of the footstrike.


I absolutely LOVE these shoes. To be honest, when I had a natural gait analysis session and my colleague brought them out, I thought they looked a bit boring and maybe not very plush. Don't let your eyes deceive you – the Guide 14 gives far too modest an impression of its performance.

Years ago I had one of the really early Saucony Guide models, and found it brilliant. I was then into Brooks for many years, especially the early GTS. I couldn't get on with later models though, partly due to running a bit further forward on my feet, and also because I have high arches I like the feeling of a bit more strapping in the upper. The Guide checks all the boxes for me, so I'm back to my old friend. Can't wait to try the 15...

Men's Saucony Guide 14
£107.00 £125.00

Women's Saucony Guide 14
£107.00 £125.00

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