Brooks Ghost 6, Neutral Road Running Shoes

Women's Brooks Ghost 6

Category: Neutral Road Running Shoes
Average Weight: Men's 302g (Size 8UK) / Women's 250g (Size 5UK)
Heel-Forefoot Differential: 12mm
Recommended for: Road running all year, and dry firm hard-packed trails
(Men's left / Women's right)


The Brooks Ghost is a fabulous, well-cushioned mid-to-high mileage neutral shoe: a real workhorse for day to day mileage. Previous models of the Ghost have received the Runner's World Editor's Choice Award. Now the Ghost 6 is aiming to follow in its successful forerunner's footsteps, and the outlook is promising. The Ghost 6 now features an extremely soft and breathable tongue that helps wick your sweat away, and means you can pull your laces snug without them digging into your feet. And the Caterpillar Crashpad at the heel has been developed to ensure a smooth landing in exactly the right spot.

Outsole: Great traction, in wet or dry conditions.
Midsole: Full-length Brooks DNA cushioning with BioMogo long-lasting, environmentally-friendly cushioning system. The non-toxic natural additive helps the material break down 50 times faster once it enters an enclosed landfill.
Uppers: Breathable mesh.


  • Anatomical Brooks DNA cushioning in the heel and forefoot for protection
  • Heel and forefoot Caterpillar Crashpad for a smooth transition from heel to forefoot
  • Full-length BioMogo: long-lasting, environmentally-friendly cushioning system. A non-toxic, natural additive to the compound encourages anaerobic microbes to munch away 50 times faster. Don't worry, it won't start to biodegrade until it hits an active, enclosed landfill
  • Improved Omega flex grooves at the forefoot make for a natural ride, and enhance "toe off"
  • The mid-foot shank of the Ghost 5 has been removed, creating full ground contact from heel to toe.


  • A mild over-pronator who found the neutral Ghost 5 to offer enough support - with its small mid-foot shank - will need to be guided by their feel and intuition as to whether the removal of the mid-foot shank will still offer enough support. We feel it should not be a problem for most people, but we're happy to discuss and advise as always.


We asked our old friend and ultra runner Richie Cunningham to test the Ghost out on the roads. Richie prefers running the trails in his Brooks Cascadia - he has won the 95-mile West Highland Way race twice, and was third this year.

Well, asking me to review a pair of Brooks Ghost is a bit like asking Scott Jurek to review a nice set of steak knives! I've never been much of a fan of road running, although I have done my fair share of tarmac races, but I've never been serious enough about it to spend time getting the right road shoe, and probably have put myself off it a bit by wearing a few unsuitable ones in my time.

So, when a pair of Brooks Ghost dropped into my hands, it took me quite a long time before I actually put them on and started clocking up some tarmac miles in them, and when I eventually did I was very pleasantly surprised by them.

I'm really not a very experienced road shoe wearer, so there's nothing more I'm looking for other than comfort. And that's exactly what I got! I was really blown away by these, in fact I really am not exaggerating to say I started to really enjoy my road running... so much so I found myself entering a tarmac 100k race.

This road running really is fun!

Yes, 62 miles of running round a tarmac loop had all of a sudden seemed quite appealing... not appalling.

The best part about the Ghosts? Comfort for sure, they just seemed to be as light and responsive as you could get without wearing a pair of racers. They also seemed to have just the right amount of cushioning for me. I'm not looking to feel like I'm riding around in a hovercraft but I do like to feel what's going on on the ground with some degree of protection. I've got a pretty wide foot too and these had enough room up front to keep my toes comfortable for the duration of the race. I also wear an orthotic and these had plenty of room so that I could slot it in and not notice any difference.

My 100k went much better than I had expected, and now, since I've found myself a shoe that does the job, I'm running out of excuses for not revisiting that old form of torture known as the 24 hour race!"

- Richie Cunningham

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