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Average Weight: Men's 270g (8 UK)
Heel-Toe Drop: 8mm

Great for those who want a lightweight shoe but don't want to give up comfort and stability.


  • Upper: Asymmetrical with star-lacing, offering more flexibility where the foot actually needs it. Strong fabric but with a soft feeling wrapping the foot for a more secure fit. Space also for comfort, with a wider fit compared with On standards.
  • Midsole: Dual Cloudtec layer technology gives maximum cushioning, thanks to two layers of Helion foam. It also provides mid-foot support for overpronation. Thanks to the speedboard, which distributes pressure when you land, it's perfect for a midfoot striker who wants something responsive and light but still needs support and cushioning for long distances.
  • Outersole: A wide base provides extra stability, avoiding rolling off the side of the shoe. Instead of having the classic central channel, the Cloudstratus has a single forefoot platform, distributing balance for a more comfortable forefoot landing.
On Cloudstratus
On Cloudstratus


  • Lightweight
  • Firmer cushioning, for those who prefer that feel
  • Extra stability
  • Wider fit (compared with other models in the same brand)
  • Customisable lacing system
  • Double cushioning for long distances


  • Harder cushioning compared with other models in the same category, which some people may not like
  • Because of the 8mm drop, they can be uncomfortable for heel-strikers
  • You can feel the ground more in them, which is not to everyone's taste
  • Flatter grip, so not suitable for all surfaces

In Testing

These shoes are perfect for road and are suitable for all sort of distances. I used them not only for running but also for cycling and gym workouts. They're always comfortable and ready to give me the support I need. I appreciate the fact that they're a wider fit, and also that they have lower drop and a light weight. I definitely recommend them to all those poople like me who prefer to feel contact with the ground and have firmer cushioning.


Perfect if you're looking for something to use as a running shoe and also to use everyday, without sacrificing a smart look. They're of special interest to those who need a wider fit but want to try this brand, as they're usually known to be narrow.

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