Skins DNAmic Long Compression Running Tights

Skins DNAmic Long Tights

Category: Compression Running Clothing
Recommended for: all activities and even as casual leggings, because they look awesome ;-). They help your muscles to perform better and recover faster.


Skins DNAmic Compression Tights

  • Great compression, even slightly stronger than the previous A200
  • Good moisture and temperature management with UPF 50+
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Seamless feel
  • Amazing design


  • Skins logo washed off quite quickly
  • No pocket

Fit and Feel

I love Skins. I have all of them, so I was looking forward to trying a new version of my beloved A200. Compression clothes work for me very well and I use them on a regular, daily basis to prevent fatigue at the end of the day of standing at work and hard training.

First of all: design. I am not that fussed about the look of equipment, more how it works for me; but I have to admit that the look of the new Skins is impressive! Black tights with yellow bits and mesh parts on the sides to improve breathability: awesome! They’ve also changed the waistband, it’s much softer, without digging into your skin. Maybe that’s why they removed the pocket from this model, to make it as seamless as possible.

The compression is stronger than the A200 in my opinion. I am on the thin line between S and M, and I always used to be S size in Skins, but in this model I went for M. I definitely can feel much more compression, I feel wrapped and lifted more than in the stretchier previous version.


Great DNAmic compression, good shape, seamless waistband, no pocket though. Mesh sides for better thermoregulation, UPF 50+ and amazing design.


Skins DNAmic Compression tightsI don’t want to convince you to love compression clothes. I know that you can find a lot of research for and against them. I just trust my body, and it tells me what is good for it, what works the best and what doesn’t.

When you put compression tights on, you should feel it straight away, after a few seconds, maybe a minute.... It’s like a cup of coffee for your legs; double espresso gel at the end of your marathon... you feel it and you love it! Or you don’t feel any difference and apparently it just doesn’t work for you – this happens to my colleagues too, and it’s absolutely fine.

Or you feel the compression, but you prefer something looser around your body. Great! Go for other, regular tights! So, what I suggest is simple: check your size on a chart (very important!), try them on, wait a moment and decide if you like them :-)


Good changes have been made in this model! The Skins company are constantly upgrading their products for a better feel and more supported compression. If you’ve always wanted to try them, definitely you should do it now! If you have already had a previous version and are looking for a new pair, trust me – they didn’t change only the design, there are more surprises waiting for you...! :-) For me it’s a great update to the A200!

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  • MichaelDecember 13, 2018 at 12:13pm
    Following a DVT in my leg, I have been advised to wear a compression garment with medical class 2 compression. Which of the Skins compression tights (if any) provide this degree of compression? Reply
    • Goska DuzykDecember 14, 2018 at 6:42pm
      Hi Michael,

      What I know is that medical compression is different from sports compression, especially in the legs. In this case I would advice you to contact your doctor about brands/product they advice for your condition, because it could be that the level or type of compression in Skins is not adequate for you. Reply
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