Moving Comfort Juno Running Bra

Category: Running Bras
Recommended for: Running and other high-impact activities, especially for those with a larger cup size.


  • Very comfortable
  • Exceptional support for bigger cups (C-DD)
  • Wicks moisture very well
  • Snug but not squishy fit
  • Flattering, stylish


  • Due to the over-the-head design, not the easiest bra to put on
  • Thicker fabric
  • Slightly padded cups

Fit and feel

The bra is not the easiest bra to put on, especially for bigger busted ladies. You have to pull it over your head and then fasten the straps. Nevertheless, this bra is definitely worth a bit of a struggle, once you have it on it feels fabulous! The bra feels very supportive without giving you a feeling of being too squashed, the straps are very soft and do not cause any chafing or red marks. Its moisture management is also very good.


  • Seam-free moulded cups
  • Front and back mesh panels
  • Support through encapsulation/compression
  • Adjustable straps and back closure
  • Cups available from 32C to 38DD


This bra is definitely one of the most supportive and comfortable bras I have ever had. It is excellent for running, especially for bigger busted women, because it provides superb support and comfort at the same time. The usual chafing problems are minimized thanks to its soft straps and seamless cups. This is the type of a bra you would want to use for long runs like marathon etc., because you know you can rely on it. Even though it takes a bit longer to put on, its otherwise great features make it one of the best running bras on the market.

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