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The most comfortable, practical and stylish pair of tights that I have ever worn.


  • Ankle zippers and an adjustable waistband providing easy access to the tights
  • Covered pockets which keep your valuables safe secure
  • Reflective details which help you stay visible after dark
  • Intrinsic mesh panel which offers ventilation to the body


Very durable and stretchy: The fact that these tights are made from a blend of polyester and elastane allows me to have freedom of movement as well as keeping me warm during those cold winter track sessions.

Technical fabric: This keeps your legs dry as it wicks away moisture and sweat from the skin, making my sessions on and off the track more comfortable.

Stylish design and athletic fit: These full-length tights provide much protection and fit my legs very well. I love the fact that they are dark but they incorporate nice textile elements as well as reflective pieces to make these leggings trendy and aesthetically pleasing.

Fast drying: These are great for when you are training in changeable (and wet) conditions; despite getting a little damp while training, they dry really quickly and it does not give you that chafing feel! Now that’s a plus in my opinion.

Light and Portable: I am able to pack them nicely into my gym bag as they are easy to fold and very lightweight to carry around during my day.

Machine Washable: Wash after wash, the leggings have kept their athletic fit and still fit true to size. You can wash them in the machine but at a cold temperature.

On Running Tights


Waistband concerns: Despite having an adjustable waistband, I still found some troubles with the top part of the leggings. At times, I would have to pull them up against my waist once in a while during my training sessions. It was slightly annoying but I was able to deal with it and still perform to the best of my ability.

Length not suitable for all heights: These are a pair of tights with a lot of length. There is still a bit of gathering near the thigh area as it is too long for my legs (I am 5' 6"). So, this would not be suitable for those any shorter.

High Price: They are definitely on the pricey side but with their unique characteristics and design, they are very high quality and are definitely worth the spend.

On Running Tights

In Testing

The tights were very easy to get on and off and allowed me to move freely without much restriction whenever I was training on the track or in the gym. There was no irritation against my legs and to keep my legs cool, the ankle zippers really came in handy. When adjusting my tights and making them as fitting around my waist as possible, there was still movement. Despite this, the tights kept me very warm and breathable at the same time. The medium sized layer definitely did its job and allowed me to perform very well session after session.


I will definitely recommend this product to any runner who is willing to spend a little more than average on training tights. They are very comfortable and lightweight; they will keep you very warm during those cold winter sessions and they will last you a long time! What are you waiting for?

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